Keeping of Japanese honeybees

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◆What is Japanese honeybee?

Japanese honeybee is the native species which lives in Japan from ancient times.

On the other hand, Western honeybee originally inhabited Europe and Africa.

Since it can collect much honey, it was exported all over the world.

The western honeybee was imported to Japan about100 years ago.

As a result, the number ofJapanese honeybee keepers gradually decreased.

Now few people keep Japanese honeybees commercially.

But it is said that several thousands people keep it as a hobby.

◆The difference between Japanese honeybeeand Western honeybee in Japan


The character of Japanese honeybee is calm, so it hardly attacks us.

On the other hand,  western honeybees live in Japan is more aggressive and they often attack us.

・Japanse Giant Hornet

Japanese honeybee can defeat them.

The following movie is about Japanesehoneybees on Youtube. A group of Japanese honeybee is defeatingGiant hornet.

While Western honeybee can never defeat giant hornet and is annihilated.

Since Giant hornet inhabit in Japan, westernhoneybee can't live without support by human.

The following movie is about westernhoneybees on Youtube.

◆How to get Japanese honeybees

I keep honeybees in  northern part of Kyoto prefecture,Japan.

The minimum temperature in winter is five degrees below zero.

First,please watch following movie

Japanse honeybees live in the wild.

Mainly,they live in tree.

They live in house and grave once in a while.

I take up beekeeping to protect natural hives.

There are many natural hives of Japanese honeybees under floor or in
the ceiling.

They are often killed by insect killer.

As following movie, I save them by moving them to a hivebox.

I allow my bees to swarm as part of the natural process but set up bait hives.

we can catch swarm in spring to summer.


I use 2 kind of beehives.

I mainly use multi tiered box.

I explain the structure of multi tiered box in following movies.

I explain how to make multi tiered box in following movies.

I mainly use Japanese cedar, but broad-leaf trees are also suitable.

I toast with a torch outside the box to boost endurance.

We can use this hive for keeping western bees.

They live in Japan, but only in apiaries.

Although we make hives for Japanese honeybees,they move into our hive from apiaries once in a while.

Next, hive in the open space.

We can look bees directly.

I explain how to make hive in the open space in following movie.

They didn't like the place.So they left for another place.I guess thehoney was carried to new hive by bees. They didn't left any honey inthis hive.

◆How to keeping

◆Taking honey

The how to taking honey is differ from one of Apis mellifera.

Centrifugal is not used.

Combs full of honey are compressed.

Smoke is not necessary because Japanese hoenybees are not offensive.

I only chew mint gum to pacify bees.

Please watch following movies.

Following movie is another way of taking honey, cutting combs to taking honey.

After taking honey, I derive bee-wax.

Bee-wax is materials of hand cream, and used to attract swarms.

◆Natural enemies

Hornet is the strongest enemies.

Japanese honeybees can defeat hornets as following movie.

We catch them to save honeybees.

This is for Energy Drink. Not for fun.

Killer bee has mortal poison. In Japan, there are many many Killer bee, It is necessary to exterminate them.

Hornet is a culture in Nagano prefecture.

Hornets are eaten, not only  larvae but also imagoes.

Killer hornets may be Japan's deadliest creature but they are also oneof itsmostpopular. They are considered a delicacy and turned into apotent sake. Butperhapsthe strangest use for them is on the Japanesegym scene. Their saliva,believed toprovide a energy boost, has beenturned into a sports drink and is creatinga hugebuzz.

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Centipede eat honeybees once in a while.

I don't have effective precaution against moth larvae.


the average high temperature (January to December)

7.3, 7.5, 11.4, 18.2, 22.8, 25.8, 30.0, 31.5, 26.7, 21.2, 15.8, 10.4

the average low temperature (January to December)

0.3, 0.1, 2.2, 7.1, 12.0, 17.2, 21.7, 22.6, 18.5, 12.2, 6.8, 2.3

In winter, It snows.

Keeping western bees in multi tiered box

You can keep western bees in multi tiered box.

In Japan, western bees live(but not wild, only in apiaries)

Once in a while, swarm of western bees move into multi tiered box for Japanese honeybees.



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Japanese honeybees liveonlyin Japan.

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