PTA theory are recycling of photosynthesis, carbon fertilizer and energy fertilizer.

Title:  PTA theory (photosynthesis transfer agricultural theory).

The plant has two mouths, "photosynthesis" and "absorption". But, up to now, everyone was using only "photosynthesis". No
one is using “absorption” for why it is.

PTA theory increases the growth and delicious of the plant with two channels of "Photosynthesis" and "Absorption of the
organism". When using a carbon fertilizer, “absorption” begins to move actively. “Absorption” is a function to be active
because a human being operates it.

   [C>>NPK]   [C>=(3-10)x(NPK)]

The subject of this site is a channel of "absorption of the organism".

This site suggests a concept to overturn the origin of the common sense. Many charts are used in order to help an understanding.
There are some which show the same matter.

PTA theory (photosynthesis transfer agricultural theory)

1. Summary.

PTA theory is the new cultivation theory to which plant growth is suggested by two channels, "photosynthesis" and "absorption of the organism".

The function of "Photosynthesis" is ruled by a natural condition. Therefore, man can hardly increase the function of Photosynthesis.

"Absorption of the organism" grows by human assistance. "Absorption of the organism" increases when it supplies low molecular weight organism.

And, the raw material of the carbon fertilizer is an organic waste like the animal excrement.

By PTA theory, it supplies low molecular weight organism as "carbon fertilizer" positively and increases the growth of the plant.

PTA theory makes a plant growth increase substantially by "photosynthesis" and "Absorption of the organism ".

PTA theory presses the growth of the plant by "Synthesis of a new organism" and "Recycling of the organism".

Up to now, the phenomenon "Absorption of the organism" has not been used.

PTA theory is the first proposal concerning the recycling of an organic carbon.

A cultivation method to produce the delicious crops is elucidated by PTA theory.

PTA theory proposes a lot of new concepts such as "Carbon fertilizer", "Recycling of an organic carbon","Creation of delicious of crops", "Energy
fertilizer", "Equivalent exchange with the heat capacity of animal excrement and the heat capacity of the crops" and "Equivalence of the growth
energy of crops".

And, PTA theory gives various great results such as "Production increase of crops", "Improvement of delicious of crops", "Decrease of the produce
cost of crops", "Productivity enhancement of the farmland", and "Purification of the environment".


PTA theory have two getting channels. Product & Recycle.

Bypass of photosynthesis.

It is known well that the plant can acquire the organism with two channels of "Photosynthesis" and "Absorption" in a scientific manner. However, no oneuses the channel of "Absorption" since recorded history. PTA theory proposespositive use of the channel of "Absorption of the organism".

The channel by which the plant absorbs theorganism is used only for the parasitic plant. PTAtheory suggests that all of human being societytransfers to this bypass channel.

2. Keyword

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3. New concept

Carbon fertilizer:The plant can absorb a certain kind of low molecular organism. The carbon fertilizer is a conversion of the organism to the low
molecular weight compound. A huge organism on the earth can be converted to food with the carbon fertilizer.  

Energy fertilizer:The harvest of crops is deprivation of energy at the same time as depriving of mass. Up to now, everyone had thought only about
the supply of the material. No one thinks about the existence of "Energy of growth". And, all members hope for a lot of harvests. Production cannot
be increased without supplying energy. It is "Energy fertilizer".

Photosynthate recycle:The plant can absorb the organism. The organism is a compound of the organic carbon generated by old photosynthesis.
The organism is an old photosynthate. "Absorption of the organism" is recycling of photosynthesis. "Absorption of the organism" is recycling of the

Bypass of photosynthesis:"Absorption of the organism" is a phenomenon for the plant not to rely on photosynthesis and to acquire an organic
carbon. Photosynthesis converts carbon dioxide to an organic compound by using a large amount of energy. As for the acquisition of the organism by
bypassing the mechanism of photosynthesis, the consumption energy is extremely little.

Plant growth energy's equivalence principle (EP):The energy fertilizer gives the  energy that is equal to the various crops. And increase of
the growth of the plant becomes approximately equal with amount of energy. And there does not need to be the thing more than amount of energies
of the energy fertilizer.

Energy's equivalence principle of the raw, fertilizer, and growth: "Raw material of the energy fertilizer", "Energy fertilizer" and "Increase in
the growth of plant" is almost the same in energy. As for the raw materials and the fertilizer, only amount of energy including each can contribute to
the growth of the plant. This amount of energy is amount of energy of organism absorbed by a plant.

Energy circulation in biosphere:It is said that the energy does not circulate by the ecosystem. Energy circulates with a heterotrophy plant
exceptionally. However, the existence of the heterotrophy plant is not used for a social activity. Energy circulates through "the energy fertilizer" in
biosphere. And, it proposes that all of the human society shift to the circulation of energy in biosphere in PTA theory.

Delicious grows of the plant:Everyone hopes for delicious crops.  Everyone hopes for an increase of crops.  However, there is no established
theory that grows crops delicious.  However, it seems that an increase and delicious of crops are achieved at the same time because of the use of the
carbon fertilizer. Delicious of which the height of the glucose concentration seems to press the growth of crops.

Excrement are more important than meat, milk, egg etc.,:Big value is potential in excrement, considering the equivalence of the food
energy. Value more than meat, milk, and the egg is potential in the animal excrement. If the organic matter of animal excrement is converted into a
low molecular compound, it is convertible into crops as carbon fertilizer.

4. Unbelievable reality with PTA theory.

carbon fertilizer.

The cost of usage of the carbon fertilizer in PTA theory reaches 3-10 times the NPK commercial fertilizer cost. Surprisingly, the NPK commercial
fertilizer is used as usual in PTA theory. Because the effect of the profit increase of PTA theory is large, it doesn't become a problem at all.

Animal excrement treatment.

The effect of recycling is bigger than that of cost in which the animal excrement is completely sterilized. (It might be enough only by this. )The
sterilization cost of the animal excrement is about a half of sales of stock raising.

Sterilization for a short time/.

In PTA theory, quicklime is added to the animal excrement, and sterilization is completed by the mixture of ten minutes. And, the carbon fertilizer
generates it at the same time.  

An increase and delicious of production of crops.

In PTA theory, products increase by most crops, and delicious has improved at the same time. An increase in production by PTA theory might exceed
100%. In PTA theory, it seems that the higher the glucose concentration is, the better the growth of crops is. That is, it seems to be delicious like
crops with a good growth.

5.  PTA theory is recycling of photosynthesis.

(PTA theory writes in Japanese in this site. This page is abstract.).

In 1980, there was a invention about treatment of the animal excrement in Japan.

The invention adds calcium oxide of 15 % to animal excrement and mixes for 10 minutes. The animal excrement is completely sterilized by this
operation. And, the low molecular weight organic acid calcium salts are produced by the operation.

The farmers scattered farmland this product, and grew various crops. A lot of crops grew up severely, amount increased, and it became delicious.

Surprisingly, the income increase profit of farm products is farther larger than the sterilization cost of the animal excrement. The farmers understood
as materials for a soil amendment of the product. In the law of Japan, there is no definition of a carbon fertilizer. Therefore, this product can do
nothing but be classified into materials for a soil amendment.

The farmers were similarly using it to a lot of crops thinking the product to be "Versatile materials for a soil amendment" every year.

PTA theory is a review of the whole by thinking this versatile materials for soil amendment to be a carbon fertilizer.

It is presumed the absorption of the plant of a low molecular weight organic acid Ca salts, and assimilation into the plant body.

A plant's absorbing an organic carbon and assimilating are the acquisition of an organic carbon that doesn't depend on photosynthesis.

The organic carbon that the plant absorbs is an organic carbon generated from carbon dioxide with past photosynthesis.

That is, it can be thought that the carbon fertilizer is recycling of photosynthesis.

The authors named this phenomenon "photosynthesis transfer agricultural theory(PTA theory)".

To express it short, it is assumed "Dossarys" and "Dossarys farming".

6.  Abstract

A carbon fertilizer "Dossarys" may be changes everything of the world.

Common sense of the world is being overturned perfectly by an appearance of a carbon fertilizer "Dossarys".

Complete sterilization of organic waste brings delicious and money.

An appearance of a carbon fertilizer would change the present social structure.

When the animal excrement and quicklime are mixed for about 10minutes, perfect sterilizing treatment is achived, and at the same time, some low
molecular weight organic acid calcium salts are produced.

This product seems to be carbon manure. And crop yields increase with this substance, and it is delicious..

And the big increase of profits of agricultural crops is bigger than a sterilizing treatment cost of the animal excrement.

Production is confirmed in using this carbon fertilizer "Dossarys" by growing a lot of crops and the rise from 50 to 100% is confirmed.

The effect of this carbon fertilizer might be different according to the kind of the region and crops.

However, if amount increases greatly with the carbon fertilizer by a lot of cultivation articles, agriculture and an economic situation are expected to
change greatly.  

The influence of the carbon fertilizer relates to a wide field like the ecosystem, the environment, food, health, disease, economy, trade, starvation and
distribution, etc. exceeding agriculture.

By an appearance of the carbon fertilizer, these fields will change greatly in the near future.

   7. The production of the carbon fertilizer by CaO decomposition.

The raw materials are organic material(animal excrement, waste food, etc.,) and quicklime.

The organic material is often the animal excrement.

The production of the carbon fertilizer is only mixed with quicklime for a short time with an organic material.

The main conditions are as follows.

1) Raw condition : water content = 85-94%(about).

2) Temprature    :  room temp.

3) CaO addition  :  10-15%.

4) reaction time  :  10-13min..

5) after treatment : air drying on the floor.

6) final product : solid powder.

7) weight of product : about 30wt% of raw material ( animal excrement, water content 90%, CaO addition 14%).

8) reactor : batch type mixer.

9) Weight of amount once : 300~1000kg (water content 90% animal excrement).

10) reaction of CaO treatment:

(This reaction will not advance, if Ca(OH)2 is used as a reaction agent. For the reason, it is displayed as CaO actually added.).

[Protein] + [CaO] + H2O = low molecular weight organics acid Ca salts + NH3.

[Nucleic acids] + [CaO] + H2O = low molecular weight organic acids Ca salts + Ca3(PO4)2 + NH3.

[Membrane] + [CaO] + H2O = Ca3(PO4)2 +[disappearance of membrane].

[Organic acids] +[CaO] + Ha2O = organic acids Ca salts.

[Amino acids] + [CaO] + H2O = (low molecular weight) organic acids Ca salts + NH3.

[Cellulose] + [CaO] + H2O = non react.

(These low molecular weight organic acids are formic acid, acetic acid, propionic acid, succinic acid etc.,)

11) Another raw materials: Vegetable rubbish, Various excrements, Food processing discharge(press cake), Weed, etc.,.

12) Principle of CaO treatment : Making from protein and nucleic acid to low molecular weight organic acids (Ca salts).

13) Sterilization: The destruction of the protein and the nucleic acid is sterilized.

14) Purpose of treatment: product of organism(LMWO) that can be absorbed.

15) Purpose of reaction: Removal of nitrogen, Fixation of phosphoric acid, Fixation of LMWO,

16) Property of carbon fertilizer:  "organism", "easy to dissolve in water", "non-electric charge", .

                        "easy to pass a membrane" => low molecular weight organic acid Ca salt.

17) CaO: CaO uses high purity of 95% or more. Air is intercepted and preserved until using it.

Manufacturing flow chart of the carbon fertilizer (PTA theory).

The output of quicklime treatment is solid powder.The root area of crops is abbreviation pH 4, and is acidity a little. This solid powder is easy to
dissolve in a little acid water of pH 4.One of the conditions which can absorb a plant is dissolving in water.

As for such a raw material, the following composting processing is generally done.

The molecular weight of the compost is large and the form is maintained. The organic matter which constitutes a compost does not melt into water. A
huge organic molecule does not melt into water and is not absorbed by the plant.

8.The Carbon fertilizer is Surprising for you. (I) (II) (III) (IV)・・・.

●Surprising (I) : Is the carbon a fertilizer element?

Everyone knows the carbon. Everyone knows the principal ingredient of the plant to be a carbon. However, no one expected the effect with big carbon
fertilizer to be had.

●Surprising (II) : excrement and lime.

Excrement and the lime exist anywhere. The lime is a material as cheap as the soil. Every excrements touch it every day. The raw material is familiar
material for whom. No one thinks that the useful substance arises from an ordinary material (excrement and lime).

●Surprising (III) : The more impossible, the higher.

It is abnormal to put the half of sales of stock raising on the sterilization of excrement (in Japan). No one adopts the sterilization processing of such
excrement of high priced. The business will be stopped the sterilization of the animal excrement.

●Surprising (IV) : The product gives  the more than the sterilization cost.

Excrement and the compost were used for arable farmland for a long time. Everyone understands the effect when excrement are made a raw material,
and it uses it for arable farmland.

●Surprising (V)  :  Difference of effect of manure, compost, and carbon fertilizer.

Excrement, compost, and carbon fertilizer use the same raw material. And, the all are similarly supplied to arable farmland.  The difference of the
effect is not predictable with three kinds of fertilizers of the same raw material. There is no difference in the effect of the fertilizer from the idea of a
present excrement design.

●Surprising (VI)  : The feces and urine (excrement) is a den of disease-causing germs.

A large quantity of disease-causing germs are included in feces and urine (excrement). Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), colon bacillus O-157, a
cryptosporidium protozoan, Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease (BSE), etc., When sterilizing animal excrement in the site, infection expansion of a pathogen
can be restrained. A carbon fertilizer is produced by sterilizing animal excrement and the benefit is produced. It's profitable as production of a carbon
fertilizer to sterilize excrement of animal by quicklime and restrain various infectious diseases.  It's that various infectious diseases which derive from
animal excrement are very simple to restrain.

PTA theory easily solves all the various problems by the excrement. And PTA theory bring about big profit at the same time.

9. The cultivation of PTA theory.

Everyone finds sunlight, water, temperature, air and essential elements necessary for growth of plants.

And, everyone is giving fertilizer for growth of plants.

The main nutrients present in fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (the 'macronutrients') and other nutrients ('micronutrients') are
added in smaller amounts.

PTE theory (Photosynthesis Transfer Agricultural theory ).

PTA theory proposes new type fertilizer and new ecosystem.

Our new type fertilizer is a carbon fertilizer.

And we are proposing that the carbon fertilizer is an energy fertilizer.

The concept an energy fertilizer isn't general in the past.

Supply of energy to plants is role of the sunlight in the past.

PTA theory thinks a carbon fertilizer as well as sunlight can give energy to a plant, too.

Of course, a carbon fertilizer can give essential elements as well as energy to a plant.

The carbon fertilizer consists of the low molecular weight organic compounds.

It is a product when the animal excrement is decomposed with the calcium oxide (CaO).

This carbon fertilizer is called by the name of "enelizer" on this site.

New type carbon fertilizer that called enelizer offers new effect for plants.

Conventional fertilizers supplied essential elements of N, P, K, and Ca, etc. to the plants.

In each essential element, each role is, and it is not possible to substitute it by other one.

New type fertilizer that is called enelizer supplied both elements (organic carbon) and energy to the plants.

It isn’t assumed that a conventional fertilizer supplies energy.

Conventional farming considered only essential materials (mass-balance).

But, PTA theory considers both of mass-balance and energy-balance.

10. Farming, ecology system.

The mass balance and the energy balance have been approved to the ecosystem and cultivation.

Plants are absorbing sunlight, water, CO2, O2 and essential elements for growth. Energy is only sunlight.

In general, the factor in which man can take part is a supply of the fertilizer and water.

The fertilizer elements such as NPK is large excessively supplied.  Because there is besides no what man can supply for the growth of crops. Man
obtains safety because he large excessively supplies NPK.

But the supply of the sunlight is determinative by the nature.

A carbon fertilizer supplies energy to plants by low molecular weight organic compounds.

Operation of PTA theory.

The operation of PTA theory is very easy.

The carbon fertilizer is mixed with the farmland, a usual NPK commercial fertilizer is supplied afterwards, and conventional cultivation is advanced.

Because crops grow up vigorously in PTA theory, the NK commercial fertilizers are supplied if necessary.

The outline of the cultivation of PTA theory is as shown in.  above. It is very easy.

Compost and the organic fertilizer cannot be used together with the carbon fertilizer. It resolves by alkalinity with strong carbon fertilizer, and the
trouble is given.

Strong alkalinity with the carbon fertilizer disappears when about three weeks pass. This phenomenon is the same as the character of usual slaked
lime.  A seed is scattered, after mixing carbon fertilizer and three weeks or more pass.

11. The enelizer supplies mass and energy to plants at the same time.

A great deal of stock : enelizer's raw materials.

The raw materials of enelizer are organic materials. In general, that is organic wastes such as excrement, garbage, press cake, etc.. But theoretically,
every kind of natural organic materials can be used. There are many ways to make carbon fertilizer. One of easy ways is decomposition of excrement
by calcium oxide (CaO).

Animal feces and urine exist in large quantities all over the world, and are newly generated in large quantities every day.

view of PTA theory.

In the cultivation of crops, only the mass balance is considered. In current cultivation, the energy balance is not considered.

It tempers current cultivation with the energy balance. Everyone hopes for the good harvest. The good harvest deprives the farmland of a large
amount of material. The good harvest deprives the farmland of the large quantity of energy at the same time. In the cultivation of the past, the
material that corresponds to the good harvest is large excessively supplied. However, the energy that corresponds to the good harvest is not supplied.

The mass balance and the energy balance have been approved to all phenomena of the natural world.

PTA theory considers both of mass-balance and energy-balance. An upper figure converted the conventional form into the
new point of PTA theory.

This figure indicates the efficient of enelizer improved by new farming.

Enelizer is assisted essential elements( C, O, H) and energy to plant.

However, a quantitative calculation cannot be done here. The amount of the energy taken out cannot be measured.

The energy of the product can be measured, and, the volume of combustion heat of the supplied enelizer is understood.

Difference on Liebig's of the Minimum (conventional vs. PTA theory)


                     conventional farming .                            PTA theory.

PTA theory (using a carbon fertilizer) increases in the crops big in various plants. The reason that the efficiency rises was interpreted as shown in the
upper figure. (Further, this new point of view is a hypothesis.).

Thus the enelizer (a carbon fertilizer) effect becomes easy to understand by introducing energy-balance and mass-balance.

Enelizer's position in cultivation.

It does not consider giving energy to crops until now. Moreover, it is not taking into consideration supplying three elements of COH to crops until now.
The energy fertilizer (enelizer) can supply energy and three elements (COH) to crops. The energy fertilizer is based on the mass balance and the
energy balance. All necessary elements can be replenished with natural environment, the commercial fertilizer, and the energy fertilizer. The meaning
of being able to supply all of the necessary elements has not been understood yet.

12. Food chain.

This is the food chain of normal ecosystem. The food chain is an outline of the ecosystem that everyone knows.

An agriculture is considered and a drawing is corrected.

Even if crops are the plants, human eats directly. Therefore, human makes an effort variously to produce delicious crops. Human never makes the food
that the animal eats delicious.

Moreover the PTA theory is considered and a drawing is corrected.

PTA theory circulates to crops around the excrement that becomes the food of the decomposer. Complete sterilization is done by this process.  "
Animal excrement", "Animal's remains", and "Remains of the plant", etc. can be used for the raw material of the carbon fertilizer.  The feature of
these raw materials is that the raw material appears always newly. Moreover, it is the cheapest raw material of various raw materials.

It is understood that the pyramid of the feeding chain doesn't consist. It is an appearance of nature different from the concept of past ecology.
Understanding to nature was insufficient.

"Absorption of the organism" is a channel that only the heterotrophs had used up to now. "Absorption of the organism" is a channel that the human
society has not used at all since recorded history.

PTA theory makes the phenomenon "Absorption of the organism" all bases of the human society in the future.

13. The absorption of the organism of the plant.

The maximum barrier in the absorption of the plant is a cell membrane.  The organism absorbed easily to the plant is a material that can diffuse as for
the cell membrane.

The element which is the most important by this process is diffusion.

The molecules of the large molecular weight compounds do not penetrate a cell membrane by diffusion.

The mass transfer phenomenon by the concentration diffusion is ruled by not the weight density but the molarity.

A lot of low molecular weight organic acid calcium generates it from the protein and the nucleic acid by the quicklime treatment.

The density difference greatly influences diffusion.  Both the protein and the nucleic acid are huge molecular weight organic matter. By those
destruction, a lot of low molecular weight organism generates it.The height of the density of a great number of low molecular weight compounds that
resolve the macromolecule and generate it has enhanced absorption.

Density is low in the inside of the cell membrane for a flow of the water.The low density state to occur to the cell of the root of the plant is important
for material absorption.The flow of the cell of the root has a small Reynolds number, and it is a laminar flow.In the laminar flow state, there is not back

The organism tinged with an electric charge does not penetrate a cell membrane by diffusion.

The material penetrating the cell membrane of the plant by diffusion must dissolve in water.

The pH of the soil near the root of the plant is about 4.

The low molecular weight organic acids calcium salts satisfies these conditions.

Under the acidity, the organic acid has high ratio that does not have an electric charge (non-ion state).

The material of the non-ion has a small passage resistance of the cell membrane.

1) It is important to supply the carbon fertilizer so that the plant may absorb the organism.

2) Absorption of the water is important to increase quantity of transmission of the cell membrane.

3) A large amount of organisms absorbed easily to the plant are produced by the quicklime treatment of the animal excrement.

4) This is an accidental discovery not anticipated.

5) The organism absorbed to the plant is used for various metabolizing by ATP.

14. Ionizing of organic acid in water.

The ionic equilibrium of the organic acid(HA) is described as follows.

HA = H++ A-                            Eq.(1).

Ka= [H+][A-]/[HA]                  Eq.(2).

([HA]/[A-]) = ([H+]/Ka)             Eq.(3).

([HA]/[A-]) = ([10-4]/Ka)           Eq.(4).

Eq. (1): equilibrium of organic acid HA.

Eq. (2): acidity constant Ka and equation.

Eq. (3): =Eq.(2).

Eq. (4): soil pH4 =>[H+] = 10-4   

The acidity constant of the main organic acid is as follows.

  Ka (HCOOH) = 2.1x10-4

  Ka (CH3COOH) = 1.8x10-5

  Ka (CH3CH2COOH) = 1.3x10-5

  Ka (CH3CH2CH2COOH) =1.5x10-5

At pH 4, the main organic acid does not ionize. These organic materials are easy to pass a cell membrane.

15. Energy of "photosynthesis" and "absorption of organism"

Overall equation (Eq. (5)) for the type of photosynthesis that occurs in plants.

        6CO2+ 6H2O + 688kcal (light) = C6H12O6+ 6O2            Eq. (5).

The next equation (Eq. (6)) is combustion reaction of the glucose.

        C6H12O6+ 6O2= 6CO2+ 6H2O - 688kcal(heat)               Eq. (6).

The main organic acid of the above CaO treatment is acetic acid (CH3COOH).

The combustion reaction of the acetic acid is as follows.

        CH3COOH + 2O2= 2CO2+ 2H2O - 208.7kcal                      Eq. (7).

Next, 3 times to the Eq. (7)

        3CH3COOH + 6O2= 6CO2+ 6H2O - 626.1kcal                     Eq. (8).

Eq.( 6) and (8) are completely the same atomicity.  And, only the calorie is about 10% different.

When the plant absorbs the acetic acid, the elements of COH are acquired.  The plant acquires big energy at the same time.

The plant's acquiring the organism by absorption acquires the elements and energy at the same time.

Therefore, the carbon fertilizer can be said in other words with the energy fertilizer.

The concept called the energy fertilizer is not common. However, it is the new concept that is necessary to evaluate carbon fertilizer.

In a concept called the energy fertilizer, we can investigate raw materials of the carbon fertilizer definitely.

The effective energy (food energy) included in the raw material is understood from the concept of energy fertilizer. In the calculation of the energy
included in the raw material, the degree in the effect of the carbon fertilizer is predictable.

The evaluation with the energy fertilizer is not a rigorous evaluation. However, the effect of the carbon fertilizer is prevented being excessively

Properties of the animal excrement and the organic wastes were always changeable.

In the quicklime treatment, the organic carbon of the protein and the nucleic acids is chiefly fixed as the LMWOC calcium salt.

To select the raw material of the carbon fertilizer, the content of the protein and the nucleic acid is evaluated.

However, the best raw material of the carbon fertilizer is traced to the animal excrement and attaches investigate by whoever.

16. Effects of the PTA theory (effects of CaO treatment and it's recycle).

  • Many kind of the plant grows good, and makes good tastes.

  • Excrement and/or many kind of organic wastes are good important raw materials for the carbon fertilizer.

  • Environmental pollution by organic wastes such as animal excrement are prevented.

  • The harvest of the crops in farmland increases.

  • The soil amendment raises productivity of farmland with a little sunshine.

  • The volume of production of an old fruit tree is restored and increases than before.

  • The old tree of flowerless cherry blossoms flowers vigorously than before.

  • There is an effect of recycling to exceed the sterilization cost of the animal excrement greatly.

  • It gives birth from sales of stock raising to the hefty profit when the animal excrement is completely sterilized.

17. Outline of quicklime processing of animal excrement.

1) Raw material:                pig feces and urine ( water content 91~92%).

2) a batch weight .

         raw material           1000kg (water content 91~92%).

         CaO                        130kg.

3) Reaction time                  abuot 10 minutes.

4) Product                          smooth slurry (color: light yellow).

5) drying                            air dry with paddling.

6) final products                 air-dry powder (about 300~320kg).

7) fertilizing                       about 650kg~3000kg/10a(as air dry powder).

8) target corp                     rice, wheat, vegetables,  fruiter, tee,  flower,  (most crops and plants).

9) Market price                  ¥850/15kg (2007).

18. The one day of milk cow in Japan.

1) Fodder :                                        ¥1,400.-/day(import from USA)).

2) milk:                                                35kg/day ( =¥2,520.-/day).

3) excrement:                                       dung 40kg,   urine  20kg,  total 60kg/day.

4) NPK elements  :                            ¥220.-/day (as NPK commercial fertilizer).

5) Heat of combustion of excrement:      about 30,000kcal.

6) Methane conversion efficiency:           about(max). 60% ( 30,000kcal/100%,  18,000kcal/60%).

7) Methane power generation efficiency: about(max.) 30% ( 5,400kcal=6.3kWh=>¥140.- /japan).

8) CaO treatment total operation cost:    ¥1,500.-/day( 60kg excrement= 110kg treatment weight (90% water  conecntration)).

 (This cost is too high and is not realistic. The best thing was hidden in the matter which everyone takes no interest in.).

9) product:                                            36kg  (as dry powder.  "carbon fertilizer" in this Home page.).

It is estimated the energy as follows.

10) protein + nucleic acids ratio:            60%( 18,000kcal supposition).

11) edible portion ratio of crops:              50 %( 9,000kcal supposition).

12) The weight of various vegetables (9,000kcal): The next value is a calculation value based on energy.

         name                       retail price      Conversion value.    

      * carrot          28kg      @334/kg             ¥9,352.-

      * spinach       36kg       @726/kg           ¥26,136.-

      * cabbage       37kg       @163/kg             ¥6,031.-

      * rice             2.5kg      @500/kg             ¥1,250.-

      * apple           18kg       @419/kg             ¥7,542.-

(This calculation is not taking improvement in the delicacy of crops into consideration.).

Using an organism as organic carbon raises worth of recycling.

PTA theory is observing the equivalence of the energy of growth of crops.

The energy of the animal excrement has a portion which can carry out an equivalent exchange to the energy of food.

The organism decomposed and lost is a substance and energy convertible into crops.

PTA theory does not guarantee this calculation. However, depending on a case, useful choice is possible by PTA theory.The economic calculation is
not essence of PTA theory.The economic calculation always changes by the change of social conditions.However, it is useful to exemplify the
economic side when it understands the essence of PTA theory.

The viewpoint of PTA theory shows that we overlooked a viewpoint important till now.

19. price of the energy.

Prices of man's metabolic energy during a day (2,000kcal) are compared. (Unit price is a value of Japan.)

The price of energy changes with substances. PTA theory has suggested the equivalence of energy.

And PTA theory has suggested that the energy of animal excrement can exchange for the energy of crops.

20. Calculation of carbon and nitrogen of essential element(Only 1.3 times!).

A certain viewpoint    {"The carbon fertilizer" is no use!}

Here, the carbon and nitrogen are calculated. However, this calculation is a calculation on the desk.

It is a calculation when the carbon and the nitrogen of 1kg convert to crops.

Item carbon nitrogen
weight of element(kg) 1 1
ratio of each element of the plant (dry base %)(assumption) 45 1.5
total solid weight of the plant (kg)(calculation) 2.22 66.7
water content of plant  (%)(assumption) 90 90
total plant body weight(kg)(calculation) 22 667
edible portion ratio (assumption %) 50 50
edible portion weight (calculation kg) 11 333

(Only the carbon is examined as follows. ).

The principal ingredient of the product of the quicklime processing is acetic acid calcium.

Moreover, the acetic acid is one of the organisms absorbed to the plant.

The weight of the acetic acid including carbon 1kg is 2.5kg.

The acetic acid obtained easily in daily life is an acetic acid of the reagent.

The concentration of the acetic acid of the reagent is about 30%.

The weight of the reagent of the acetic acid including carbon 1kg is about8.3kg.

It seems that the concept "Carbon fertilizer" and "Absorption of the organism" is very inefficient from this calculation.

The number only of crops of1.3kgincreases even if the fertilizer (30% CH3COOH) of1kgis supplied.

The production of crops 1.3 times weight about the fertilizer is not economical.

The concept "Carbon fertilizer" and "Absorption of the organism" had been overlooked from such an easy calculation.

Everyone can do such a calculation by the mental calculation.

The concept "Carbon fertilizer" and "Absorption of the organism" seems to be unreal according to the simple calculation.

It thought everyone and as shown in an easy numerical result since recorded history.

However, the phenomenon that continues for as many as 30 years in few regions in Japan denies an easy numerical result.

PTA theory enabled impossibility by the quicklime treatment of the animal excrement.

21. A process of the recycling of the organism in PTA theory.

PTA theory is a new cultivation theory to cultivate the crops by "photosynthesis" and "the absorption of the organism".

As for "the absorption of the organism", the crops get organism by absorption. The organism which is easy to be absorbed by the crops is low
molecular weight organism. Protein and the nucleic acid generate low molecular weight organism by the resolution abundantly. PTA theory is not a
method to get the infinite crops by organism raw materials. The effect is also different because of the character of each raw material. PTA theory
recommends the calcium oxide treatment of organic wastes. In PTA theory, the protein and the nucleic acid are resolved and the low molecular
weight organisms are produced. Therefore, the organism that contains a lot of proteins and nucleic acids is advantageous.

If it is a synthesis approach of another low molecular weight organism, an appropriate raw material is selected respectively.

There are about 1,300,000,000 cows all over the world. There is a great deal of quantity of outbreak of the feces and urine.

The number of a pig and hens is as follows.

pig: 918,000,000.- (dung 1.9kg/d, urine 3.8kg/d)

cock: 17,863,000,000.- (dung 0.16kg/d)

cow: 1,300,000,000.-( dung 40kg, urine 20kg/d)

When the energy of excrement is converted to crops by PTA theory, it becomes a very big value. A large amount of excrements of the animals except
the cow exist, too. It is possible to convert to crops also with the animal excrement by complete sterilization. It is good to sterilize the animal
excrement completely. It is good that the production of farmlands today rises in addition. Moreover, crops with a good growth are excellent the eating
quality. Animal's excrement cannot be completely collected unlike man. However, crops grow up greatly when these all are used as a carbon fertilizer.

One person get about 2,000kcal the amount of growth of crops by the global average every day.

The possibility that a farmland all over the world can be reduced by half by PTA theory arises according to this prediction.

An important thing turns out in reviewing it from the soil amendment to the carbon fertilizer.

The degree in the effect of the raw material not used can be clearly understood.

22. View of an increase of production of PTA theory.

PTA theory is an idea that interprets the phenomenon of the production of crops increasing.

PTA theory is devised for crops to acquire an organic carbon with two channels of "Photosynthesis" and "Absorption of the organism".

In general, it is thought that crops acquire an organic carbon by "Photosynthesis" and grow up.

Crops grow up vigorously because an organic carbon by "Absorption of the organism" is added.

However, the acquisition channel of an organic carbon of crops cannot be distinguished. The investigation using an advanced science and technology
will be performed in the future.

However, crops grow up greatly actually by PTA theory.

In this method, the acquisition of an organic carbon of crops is divided into three.

A) Amount that corresponds to cultivation of the past in organic carbon acquired by photosynthesis.

B) Amount of organic carbon that absorbs organism and acquires it.

C) Amount of organic carbon that increases because it grew up vigorously by absorbing organism amount of photosynthesis and is acquired

The origin of an organic carbon of the plant in PTA theory is not measured in a scientific manner.

However, it is guessed that an increase in the production of crops exceeds "Absorption of the organism".

Cultivation is work to advance forecasting the near future from sowing to the harvest. A natural condition at the cultivation period is not predictable.
Cultivation is the act that continued of the inside between growing seasons. By the past farming, result of the cultivation is result of the
photosynthesis of the inside between growing seasons. The result is limited for the phenomenon of the moment "now" entirely. All elements related
to "farmland" "cultivation item" "nature conditions" crop are limited in "now".

PTA theory does not have a limit in various elements "now".

The production of the carbon fertilizer is possible anytime.  In addition, the place of the production is unrelated to the farmland. Furthermore, as for
the raw materials of the carbon fertilizer, the use is over organism of the earth whole. And, the organic carbon fixed as a carbon fertilizer can
preserve a long term. Of course, the carbon fertilizer can be used for any crops. The carbon fertilizer doesn't receive a restriction momentary, that is,
"Now" like photosynthesis in cultivation. As for the carbon fertilizer, the produced results are efficiently converted to crops. The light under
cultivation passes away at once. Light passing away never contributes to the growth of crops. The carbon fertilizer maintains the state until being
absorbed to crops in many cases. The carbon fertilizer is stolen by the weed in the farmland.

Because PTA theory does not have a limit "now", farming is stable. The carbon fertilizers are materials produced before cultivation. And, PTA theory
advances cultivation by photosynthesis and absorption. Because the carbon fertilizer prepared beforehand is added to the result of cultivation, the
harvest of crops increass, and it stabilizes.

Man's food is crops. And, the production of crops is unstable ruled by the photosynthesis not predictable. That is, the economy of food is extremely
unstable, and the change is large. However, PTA theory is done to the production of crops with stability. The economy of food is steady for these
reasons. The economy of food is every eating habits of every day.

It can be said that current farming is unstable as stand in the blade of the kitchen knife if it sees from PTA theory.

In PTA theory, various processes such as "Raw material of the carbon fertilizer", "Manufacture of the carbon fertilizer", "Keep of the carbon fertilizer
", "Accumulation of the carbon fertilizer", "Supply of the carbon fertilizer", and "Consumption of the carbon fertilizer" escape from the restriction
of time and the place.

23. Reason why crops become delicious (hypothesis by PTA theory).

"The taste of the crops promotes the growth of the crops."

"The carbon fertilizer achieves a taste and the increase of the harvest at the same time."

"Height of the concentration of reaction agent promotes metabolism."

In the character of crops, delicious is very important. Delicious of crops is that the people of large majority are interested. In general, the person eats
three times a day. When everyone becomes meal, it is glad. When the meal is delicious, everyone is pleased.

In the human society, a lot of matters have been reasonably decided. A lot of matters such as "Price of iron", "Traffic fare", "Pay of labor", "Interest
rate", and "Tax" are prices that everyone consents. Therefore, the person thinks it is computable if all the matters think. And, it is thought that the
matter concerning the human society forecasts according to expertise, and is weighable. And, the specialist in each district thinks that he or she can
do a correct forecast.

However, delicious of crops is not predictable, and the value is not predictable. Delicious of food experiences every day everyone. An easy thing of
delicious of food is forecast reasonable and cannot be evaluated. Nobody is reasonably appreciable of delicious of crops.

However, there are ten times or more the difference in the price of the same kind of crops in the society of the reality. They are various ingredients
such as "Wine", "Rice", "Fruit", "Vegetable", and "Cake" and there is difference of the price.

"Japanese rice $6.50/kg vs foreign rice $0.65/kg", "foreign red wine $10,000 vs Japanese wine $10", "a melon $140 vs $4.70"

"a apple $11 vs$ 0.75", "

In many cases, it often has dissatisfaction for a high price. However, no one has dissatisfaction for the price difference without rational reasons. The
difference 1000 times is impossible in easy work only to manufacture wine. Ten times the price difference are not thought by crops like rice.

The reason for an unbelievable social phenomenon is "Delicious. "Man is eating the food of a high price with pleasure. The person who lives in the
economic society is a phenomenon that cannot be thought.

An easy social phenomenon can be understood from this fact.

It is preferable to grow delicious crops when crops are cultivated. This reality can be easily understood.

However, because it is not understood to grow delicious crops, it is difficult.

In PTA theory, delicious crops are harvested for a long time.

And, one hypothesis of the PTA theory of growing delicious crops was considered.

In this method, it is thought that a high glucose concentration improves delicious, and the growth of crops is promoted.

The activity energy of all lives is ATP(Adenosine-3-sphoric acid). ATP is produced with glucose.

In all metabolisms, ATP is reaction agent. Metabolism is in an active state, and the growth of the crops advances.

If the concentration of ATP is high, metabolism is promoted. As for the chemical reaction, the reaction velocity rises so that the concentration of
reaction agent is high.

It is desirable to raise the concentration of glucose to raise the concentration of ATP.

Of course it is difficult to regulate ATP density. And the adjustment of the glucose density is difficult, too.

However, it is surmisa that the density of glucose and ATP height promotes the growth of crops. And, the glucose concentration height is delicious
that crops.

It is preferable to promote photosynthesis to improve the glucose concentration.

[photosynthesis]=>[glucose]=>[ATP]=>[metabolism]=>[Promotion of growth ]=>[increase of crops]

That is, it is guessed that an increase in the production of delicious and crops has happened at the same time.

And, production increases when a large amount of photosynthesis are promoted.

However, the number of suns cannot be increased, and the sun be stopped on the farmland.

There is little thing that man can do to increase photosynthesis.

Current farming produces crops by photosynthesis.

Everyone hopes for an increase in the production of crops and the improvement of delicious.

And, it is the most important to increase photosynthesis for that.

However, there is little thing that man can do to increase photosynthesis.

【PTA theory】

The organism absorbed to crops has an organic carbon and energy. Crops that absorb the organism use the organism for metabolizing. When the
absorbed organism is used, the energy expenditure is reduced. The energy expenditure little means the decrease in the concentration of ATP is few.
In other words, the concentration of ATP is maintained high. The glucose concentration is maintained high for the same reason.

If the concentration of ATP is high, the rate of metabolism is high. As for the rate of metabolism fast, the production of crops increases. The
consumption of glucose decreases, too, when the consumption of ATP is a little. If the consumption of glucose is a little, the glucose concentration is
kept high.

That is, delicious of crops improves at the same time as the production of crops increasing when the carbon fertilizer is supplied.

"Delicious" and "Increase in production" are the hope of all farmers.

In PTA theory, it is guessed that it is possible to achieve it by "Absorption of the organism".

In the hypothesis of PTA theory, it is good to supply the carbon fertilizer.

It is known well to remove small fruits to improve the fineness of the fruit. In the cultivation of the melon, fruits of one stock are limited to 1 piece,
and the consumption energy of metabolizing has been reduced. To harvest good quality rice, the distance between stocks is lengthened and grown.
Product of the quantity of crop and the glucose density becomes fixed.

The device of such cultivation is corresponding to the idea of PTA theory.

However, there is a possibility that a better result is obtained by absorbing the organism.

Relation between yield and delicious (hypothesis)

It is important that the harvests of the crops increase by farming. The tasty is important if it is the crops which a human being eats.
By the cultivation of the bait which an animal eats, the taste does not consider it.

In this method, it is assumed that delicious decreases when production increases. And, there seems to be a means to shrink the
size of crops in improving delicious.

That is, "Delicious" and "Production" are in the inverse proportion relation.

(The equation is not strict in this explanation chart. )

Line m-n is a rough tendency to delicious and amount in the cultivation of the past.

And,lineM-Nis a rough tendency to delicious and amount in the cultivation of PTA theory.

The plant has acquired energy more than photosynthesis by absorbing the organism. Because the carbon fertilizer is supplied, the
plant seems to grow, and for delicious to increase.

The farming of the past becomes the one based on Line m-n. The movement on Line m-n is an active area like one dimension.

The farming of PTA theory becomes the one based onlineM-N. However, the purpose of cultivation becomes areas two
dimensional by the difference of the quantity supplied of the carbon fertilizer. That is, the plane the area ◇
becomes the target area of the harvest by PTA theory.

The cultivation of crops by PTA theory is profitable to improve delicious, and the width of agriculture is expanded.

Line M-Nmoves to the distance or more by supplying a large amount of carbon fertilizer.

24. Two suns, "photosynthesis" and "absorption."

"new product" and "recycle."

"instability" and "stability."

"nature" and "human."

25. The grown-up state of the crop  

There are various kinds in a crop like eggplant, carrot and apple. Its grown-up state is different by the respective kinds. But it's
common to everything that a small seed is growing big.

The grown-up state is surveyed taking the carrot for instance here. A seed grows, and carrot will be carrot. There is variation in
growth of a carrot. The variation in growth can be displayed with the frequency distribution curve(D) or the cumulative frequency
distribution curve(C).

The horizontal axis of a figure shows the weight of a carrot. The vertical axis of a figure shows frequency.

The carrot passes and grows up at the first stage, the middle stage, and the end stage.

Each growth stage has a frequency distribution curve(D) and the cumulative frequency distribution curve (C).  Of course these
curves are not close things. You should be able to survey the process when a carrot grows up. And these two curves (D,C) are
good with one either.

The growing process of standard yield of the carrot is shown ina blue line.

The growing process of the bad harvest of the carrot that growth is bad is shown ina red line.

The growth of the carrot worsens when the fertilizer is lacked or the weather is bad.

The good harvest of the carrot is indicated in theblack line.

In PTA theory, it is thought that the growth of crops increases by supplying the carbon fertilizer.

PTA theory looked at and thought of the cultivation which the amount of harvest increases very much.

These three states are integrated into one figure. This figure shows only the end stage.

This figure shows the role of the conventional fertilizer clearly.

The conventional fertilizer has the effect of bringing a red line close to a blue line.

In the cultivation of the past, the state shown in a blue line is an upper bound.

And, PTA theory moves a blue line to the black line.

And, PTA theory moves the standard yield of the carrot to the good harvest of the carrot.

In the cultivation of the past, the upper bound of production is standard yield.

The fertilizer is a means to obtain standard yield.

The upper bound is decided to standard yield depending on the amount of sunlight.

PTA theory supplies an organic carbon and energy to crops.

Therefore, crops grow up vigorously as the yield of sunlight increased.

Therefore, the production of crops exceeds standard yield.

The raw material of the carbon fertilizer can be converted to food at a prescribed rate.

The crops are excellent, and it gives the individual a taste to grow up.

In addition, the crops are excellent, and it means an increase in production of the food to grow up.

And, the difference of the role of a past fertilizer and the carbon fertilizer can be understood from these above-mentioned figures.

The conventional fertilizer is replenished excluding the element of COH. The conventional fertilizer has the effect of achieving
standard yield.

However, the conventional fertilizer cannot exceed standard yield.

On the other hand, the carbon fertilizer supplies an organic carbon and energy to the crops.

As a result, the organic carbon of the carbon fertilizer is added to the standard yield as for crops.

Standard yield of crops is a result of photosynthesis.

An increase in the production of crops with the carbon fertilizer is an effect of the recycling that man did.

It increases with the carbon fertilizer in production because an organic carbon of the raw material was added.

From the materials of carbon fertilizer, the increase of the crop yields of crops can be predicted.

In PTA theory, it thinks the indispensable nourishment element of crops to be equal and important. It is preferable to supply not only
the element of NPK but also the element of COH.

26. The expression by the simple equation of PTA theory

PTA theory is shown by an easy equation. The more understanding is helped by various views.

[A: photosynthesis]

[B: absorption of the organism]

[C: Acquisition of organic carbon of plant]

1) [C: Acquisition of organic carbon of plant]=[A: photosynthesis]+[B: absorption of the organism]

                                            [C: ]=[A:]+[B: ]

The growth of vegetation is the same as the acquisition of the plant of an organic carbon.

It can be said that this relational expression is a general equation of growth.

2) [C: conventional farming]          =[A: photosynthesis]+[B=0]  =[A]

Crops grow to the farming of the past only by photosynthesis. The absorption of the organism is not assumed.

3) [C: organism]                           =[A: new product]+[B: recycle]

Past agriculture newly produced organisms. PTA theory added the recycling of the organism to past agriculture.

4) [C: engine]                               =[A: main engine]+[B: sub engine]

5) [C: planning]                            =[A: with the weather]+[B: possible to plan.]

Man cannot take part in photosynthesis. Man can adjust the absorption of the organism.

If man doesn't assist, the absorption of the organism is a function that doesn't move.

6) [C: location]                             =[A: leaf]+[B: root]

The place where "Photosynthesis" and "Absorption of the organism" operate is different. The optimum conditions can be originally set respectively.
Of course, ameliorable of photosynthesis is few. Efforts to improve "photosynthesis" completely differ from efforts to improve "absorption."In order
to improve "absorption", efforts to differ from former are required.

7) [C: carbon source]                   =[A: CO2]+[B: organism, carbon fertilizer =LMWOC]

Carbon dioxide exists in air. Man should produce the carbon fertilizers. Carbon dioxide concentration is still low. Man can increase carbon fertilizer
concentration. The natural conditions which man cannot improve had determined the crop yields of conventional farming. Efforts of man are hardly
useful. It is surprising agricultural reality.

8) [C: place of raw materials]        =[A: air]+[B: all of the earth, all organism]

9) [C: control of the raw ]             =[A: not]+[B: to possible]

Carbon fertilizer can be supplied so much. The quantity absorbed by crops decreases.

10) [C: Preservation of raw]          =[A: not]+[B: to possible]

Carbon fertilizer can be saved so much. The quantity absorbed by crops decreases. It is converted into crops at high efficiency.

11) [C: amount of existence of raw ]=[A: Extensive]+[B: Extensive, to generates every day.]

Materials have both sides in large quantities. There is no fear of being lost.

12) [C: Driving force ]                  =[A: sun, light]+[B: water;  transpiration, absorption, water supply]

It cannot assist with photosynthesis. Absorption of an organism has many things which man can assist.e

13) [C: Operation time ]                =[A: day time]+[B: water;  all time]

14) [C: Assistance of man ]            =[A: almost nothing]+[B: It can do altogether.Assistance is all needed.]

Anyone knows "absorption of the organism" However, "absorption of the organism" was overlooked by whom until now. "Absorption of the organism"
does not function, unless man is conscious of it and assists.

15) [C: time ]                               =[A: present,near future]+[B: past,now=>now, future]

Photosynthesis is the phenomenon of the present progressive form. However, farming is the industry of the near future which cannot be decided.
Nobody can predict the result of farming.The carbon fertilizer delivers the past that has been fixed to present and the future. The past hour by hour
accumulated is delivered to the future.

16) [C: Form of management]         =[A: Differentiated management]+[B: Constant or integrated management]

The accumulation of the effort is not reflected easily in the result by a past farm management. The result is ruled by a natural condition. As for PTA
theory, a prior effort is efficiently reflected easily in the result. Moreover, the supply of the fertilizer and the supply of water are reflected easily in
the improvement of the result.

17) [C: relations]                          =[A: main] ( 1+[B: sub]) =[A]( 1+ [B])

Photosynthesis is indispensable for the activity of the plant. "Absorption of the organism" has the possibility that an organic carbon more than
photosynthesis can be supplied to the plant. However, the function is provided in the subservient relationship of photosynthesis to the last. That is,
the plant doesn't grow up only by "Absorption of the organism".

It is an equation of these andAclause is theconventional agriculture. And, clauseBis a content in these equations added byPTA theory.  

Farming is an important act of producing man's food. And, crops were produced only by photosynthesis. However, a natural condition rules the
photosynthesis of crops, and the part that man can assist is a little. In current farming, man can do only worry. However, worry is not useful for the
growth of crops.

PTA theorypositively uses "Absorption of the organism" not assumed at all by the current farming. The function "Absorption of the organism"
actively acts by man's assistance. In
PTA theory, the result of cultivation rises efficiently by man's assistance.PTA theoryis shown in plain what man
should do for good farming. It is to give the plant the organism by absorption. It is important to manufacture the organism that can absorb the plant for
that. That is, it is manufacturing of the carbon fertilizer. An easy process of manufacture is quicklime treatment of the animal excrement. Carbon
fertilizer is produced with the complete sterilization of the animal excrement. This is convenient. Water is important so that a plant absorbs carbon
fertilizer. In a plant, in order to absorb an organism, absorption of water is important. And water is important in order to convey the absorbed organism.
Transpiration is important for absorption of the water of the plant. The acquisition of the organic carbon by the absorption depends on another
channel with the photosynthesis. Therefore it is topped the offered figure for the production of crops of the present farmland.
The organism that is
a past photosynthate can be converted to the food in the future without uselessness.

26. Outline in various fields of PTA theory.

PTA theory relates to various fields. It introduces the view with new various fields. And PTA theory offers a different totally new viewpoint

1. Livestock : perfection sterilization of the excrement: "Mistake of common sense"

Value of the carbon fertilizer is bigger than the sterilization cost of the animal excrement. It is useless to be troubled with the animal excrement.  
Animal excrement has big economic value than meat and the milk.

2. Livestock : The infectious disease of the animals. "Mistake of common sense"

The livestock holds various infectious diseases. They are "O-157" , "BSE" and "FMD: Foot-and-mouth disease", "Cryptosporidium" and  "Avian
influenza ", etc. There are a lot of one of these epidemics that diffuses with the animal excrement. Diffusion of an infectious disease can be
controlled by sterilizing of the excrement with a breeding institution.If the equivalence of energy is taken into consideration, a large amount of profits
are hidden by animal excrement.

3. Cultivation : The plant has two mouths,"Photosynthesis" and "Absorption of the organism". "Oversight"

In this method, the production of crops is increased by "Photosynthesis" and "Absorption of the organism". Delicious of crops is improved at the
same time. Photosynthesis is every function that knows. However, there is little thing that man can do for the revitalization of photosynthesis. The
absorption of the organism is a function not used. The absorption of the organism is a function that doesn't operate if man doesn't assist. The
absorption of the organism has the possibility that an organic carbon more than photosynthesis can be acquired. That is, there is a possibility that the
production of the farmland can be doubled more than now.

4. Cultivation : new fertilizer: carbon fertilizer . "new concept"

The main current fertilizer element is NPK. There is no concept of supplying the carbon with the fertilizer. However, a quite new materials are used to
grow most crops. Moreover, the fertilizer from 3 to about 10 times the cost of the NPK commercial fertilizer has been spent. The farmer and the
seller think this new materials to be "Versatile soil amendment". It is displayed in the bag, "Soil amendment". It doesn't stick to the character of the
soil and the kind of crops, and each cropping is used. Such insane agriculture also keeps obtaining good satisfactory results for 30 years. PTA theory
interpreted this material as a carbon fertilizer. A farmer spends more than 3 times of price of the price of the NPK chemical fertilizer on a carbon
fertilizer. The feature of the new fertilizer is to produce near the respective farmlands.

5. Cultivation : energy fertilizer: non material fertilizer element (energy) . "new concept"

The conventional fertilizer is a required nourishment element of the plants. There is not the thing which regarded energy as fertilizer. PTA theory
suggests a concept called the energy fertilizer newly. The natural phenomenon obeys a natural law entirely. In the natural world, there is the law of
the conservation of energy. It is to plunder it of a lot of energy to harvest a lot of crops from farmland. Energy is included in organism other than an
element. A new concept to evaluate the amount of energy of organism absorbed by the crops seems to be need.

6. Cultivation : delicious and crops: delicious promotes the growth of the crops .  "new concept"

With the crops which a human being eats, a delicious is important. However, the technique for making crops delicious is not understood. In PTA
theory, it is thought it is synchronal with delicious of crops and an increase in the production of crops. The height of the glucose concentration
improves the density of ATP. And, metabolizing advances the ATP density high fast. As a result, the plant grows up by the glucose concentration high.
It is thought that this can produce delicious crops cheaply. In cultivation with the carbon fertilizer, the glucose concentration and the ATP density are
high, and crops vigorously grow up to crops because the consumption of ATP and glucose according to growth is a little. In the hypothesis of such
PTA theory, it is possible to achieve it at the same time with the production increase of delicious and crops.

7. Cultivation : The farmland is reduced by half. : Productivity doubles.  "renewable energy"

In cultivation that uses the carbon fertilizer, the production of crops increases greatly. Production doubles according to the kind of crops. The raw
material of the carbon fertilizer is an organism, and it exists voluminously in the natural world. The agriculture is low in the ratio to occupy in industry
of the Great Society.  However, the agriculture occupies the very large land. If the productivity of crops increases, the farmland where a wide area is
uselessly occupied can be reduced. On the global average, one man is eating the farmland of 1000u. If this necessary farmland area can be reduced by
half, it is born in vast surplus arable land. The production of natural energy becomes possible if there is land of one person and 500u.

8. Environment : The sterilization of the organic wastes is a profit. "Mistake of common sense"

The animal excrement and the plant rubbish are good quality raw materials of the carbon fertilizer. When the animal excrement is thrown away as it is,
the environment is polluted. The underground water pollution destroys the value of land. In the quicklime treatment of the animal excrement that PTA
theory recommends, there is no drain. Because the profit in the effect of recycling is larger than the treatment cost, this CaO treatment has been
continuously managed.

9. High latitude agriculture: The carbon fertilizer supplements few sunshiny. "new aspect"

As for high latitudes, the solar position is low, and sunshiny is few. The productivity of the farmland of the high latitude is low for these reasons. And, it
seems that the eating quality of crops in high latitudes is inferior if standing in the aspect of PTA theory. Of course, the eating quality of crops is a
subjective judgment, and no one has a correct answer. However, it seems that the carbon fertilizer supplements sunshiny. The plant can acquire the
organism from the root by "Absorption of the organism". The carbon fertilizer can be paraphrased as the sun from the earth. It is necessary to change
the earth's rotation to improve the productivity of the farmland in high latitudes. It is very difficult. However, it is easy to use the carbon fertilizer. The
carbon fertilizer has the possibility of an increase of the production of crops in high latitudes, and improving delicious of crops. There are Canada,
Finland, north Germany, England, Denmark, northern part Russia, Poland, Sweden, and the Netherlands, etc. as such a region.

10. Shade plant : Carbon fertilizer helps the growth of the shade plant. "new concept"

As for a shade plant, the saturation point of photosynthesis is low, and the amount of photosynthesis is little. Light is not effective to promote the
growth of a shade plant. The carbon fertilizer is effective to assist the growth of a shade plant. In a shade plant, there are a moss and a Koma carrot.
Because growth was late, the cultivation of the moss was very difficult. The moss grows up vigorously by the carbon fertilizer. In the national anthem
of Japan, it is written that the growth of the moss is late.

11. Small economic area : Harvests increase and become delicious. "food miles"

The cultivation by the carbon fertilizer raises productivity of the farmland. And that a taste is improved as for the crops by the carbon fertilizer is
expected. Besides, that the production cost of the crops of the cultivation by the carbon fertilizer is cheap is expected. This means that all farmland
produces it lively. As a result, cultivation of the farmland which is near to the consuming place increases, and food miles shortens. The short economy
of the food miles is efficient society.

12. Cultivation : An increase in work is a little. "tooeasy" and  "too expensive"

As PTA theory, work to supply the carbon fertilizer only increases. Moreover, it might be desirable to supply water during cultivation. Work that these
are added is extremely easy. If production increases greatly by this improvement, and delicious of crops improves, it is very profitable. The price of the
carbon fertilizer is high surprisingly under the present situation. However, the work added for that is few surprisingly, and easy. The achievement of the
effect comes to be worried as the added work is too easy. However, because the principle of cultivation is different, worry is useless.

13. Animals : The animal consumes only breath.  "Mistake of common sense"

The animal is eating a large amount of fodder. 70% of the farmland in the world is used to produce fodder. It is said that animal is a cause of the food
famine. PTA theory considers a past view to be primitive.

The animal is consuming the organism that corresponds to breath. This consumption cannot be decreased. The animal has excreted the organism that
the animal doesn't need at the same time. It is excrement. Man is not using animal's excrement. Man thinks animal's excrement to be an embarrassed
material. The animal's excrement is an organism that the animal doesn't need.

In this method, the organism is resolved to a small molecule, and it makes it to the carbon fertilizer. And, an organic carbon that became a carbon
fertilizer is supplied to crops. Crops add the organism of the carbon fertilizer to the organism of photosynthesis and grow up. Consequently, the animal'
s excrement is converted to crops.
And, the organism of the animal's excrement becomes man's food. Surprisingly, crops produced thus are very

The animal consumes only breath. The view to the animal is wrong.

● The growth of vegetation is to obtain an organic carbon.
● The plant originally hastwo mouthsfor that. Photosynthesis and Absorption
● Photosynthesis is operating full for a long time.
 However, absorption has stopped the function. All the members overlooked it.
● Photosynthesis is production, and absorption is recycling.
 Absorption can supply an organic carbon more than photosynthesis.  
 Absorption is a function that human had overlooked it since recorded history!!  
 Excrement and crops are the same if it sees with an organic carbon. And, it is possible to convert.  
 The human society can continuously secure food and energy by PTA theory.  
Absorption of organism
Every known main engine. Sub-engine that no one knows
Power is a natural condition situation. Power : as soon as assisting human.
Human cannot help anything. It functions to the extent that man assists.
Only praying : what human can do. The carbon fertilizer is made, and it gives it.
The sun, CO2, H2O, the human being are not changed. The supply of the carbon fertilizer is free.

The person cannot increase raw materials. The raw materials are enormous. Days, outbreak.
The taste of the crops is a boon of the chance. A human being was able to create it.
Impossibility The crops become delicious.
Impossibility A lot of crops are produced.
unbelievable The delicious crops are cheap.
Anything is never done. Supply of carbon fertilizer and water
?? The carbon fertilizer is nourishment.
?? Water : for transportation.
NKP(cost=1) C+NPK = C(3-10) + NPK(1)
Absorption of organism
unbelievable The organism changes into crops.
Raw material: The sun and air Organism (excrement and food wastes)
Growth: Only the organism of photosynthesis. The absorbed organism is added to the organism of photosynthesis.
Food is food. Excrement is excrement. Excrement becomes crops. Moreover, delicious.
Excrement is stinky, and dirty. Excrement is completely momentarily sterilized.
Excrement is a severe damage. Excrement is a hefty profit. It doesn't only know.
Who dislikes excrement since recorded history? Excrement efficiently becomes crops. Excrement doubles food.

Location of various treatment methods of organic wastes

"Composting", "Incineration", "Wastewater disposal", "Unprocessing renunciation", and "PTA method" etc. There is variously method of processing
of organic wastes.

The best purifying method is selected according to the state of an organic waste. It is not possible to correspond to the purification of all organic
wastes articles by one purifying method.

PTA method is a very rare purifying method. The profit arises by purifying an organic waste if a proper condition is satisfactory.

1) The cow is consuming only breath.

2) Past photosynthesis is added to present photosynthesis.

3) A large amount of crops are produced. It becomes delicious. The productivity of the farmland improves.

4) A large amount of surplus farmland appears. A surplus farmland can produce renewable energy.

5) Crops and renewable energy can be produced in each region all over the world. Life and society are steady.

6) This method (PTA theory: Photosynthesis transfer Agricultural theory) greatly improves the human society.

27. Organic mass balance of products and enelizer

[carrot (Calculation value)]

1) vegetable  :  Carrot

2) water content :  90.4%

3) standard amount  : 2 500kg/10a(=1000m2)

4) energy of carrot :  32kcal/100g =  320kcal/kg =  800,000kcal/10a total

5) total SS of carrot :  2500kg x 0.096 =240kg/10a

[carbon fertilizer (Calculation value)]

6) weight of the carbon fertilizer: 1,500kg/10a( as air dry powder)

7) raw vs carbon fertilizer: 1000kg vs 300kg = 5,000kg vs 1,500kg

8) dry weight of raw(excrenment) = 5,000kg x 0.1 = 500kgSS/5,000kg raw(water content 10%)

9) weight of raw's organism = 500kg x 0.9 =450kg

10) ratio (protein+nucleic acid) = 0.55+0.045 =  0.595

11)  weight of (protein+Nucleic acid) = 450kg X 0.9595 =268kg(/5,000kg excrement=1,500kg carbon fertilizer)

[ CaO treatment of animal excrement]

12) treatment cost = ¥15/kg ( 5,000kg x 15=¥75,000/5,000kg excrement)

[carbon fertilizer]

13)  price = ¥850/15kg (2007) (= ¥85,000/1,500kg)

[An increase and the expenditure of production in calculation]

14) A calculation value of the increase of the harvest of the carrot = 2,500kg/10a

15) An expense of the carbon fertilizer = ¥85,000/10a

16) An increase in production expense of carrot 1kg = ¥85,000/2,500kg= ¥34/kg

The amount of organic matters of the standard amount of harvest and the amount of organic matters of carbon fertilizer are almost equal. It is
suggested that crop yields may double this. The following photographs are the example of cultivation of a carrot.The ordinary size of a carrot is about
100-150g.In this example of cultivation, it was 300-1600g. Moreover, the standard sugar content (Degrees Brix) of a carrot is 6.1 degrees.
Measurements of the sugar concent (Degrees Brix) of the carrot by this cultivation are 9.5degrees. This carrot is sweeter than the Japanese average
carrot and is delicious.

Surprisingly the rise of the sugar content extends to the whole crop.

To assume the hypothesis, it becomes an enough clue though the index of absorption of the fertilizer is not measured.

It is not the one that this calculation and this cultivation example express all of this method. However, the reason for a mysterious,
good thing to stay up partially of Japan has been suggested for 30 years.

photo.1 carrot by PTA theory

photo.2 Cutting plane(Brix 9.5)

(carrot by PTA theory)

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