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 SHIMADA Masahiko


Born in l961 atTokyo Shimada is a graduate of the Tokyo University of Foreign studies (Russian Department).  When still a student, his provocative work YASASHII SAYOKU NO TAME NO KIYUKYOKU (Divertimento for Gentle Left-Wingers) was published .In l983, his MUYU OKOKU NO TAME NO ONGAKU  (Music for a Dream Kingdom 1984) won the Noma Literary Prize for New Writers and later on his HIGAN SENSEI (Professor Nirvana 1992), was awarded the Izumi Kyoka Prize (The French edition was published in 2002.) and also his TAIHAI  SHIMAI  (The Sister of Decadence 2005) won Ito Tadashi Literary Prize. He writes poems and script of Opera. His first Opera CYUSINGURA (47 Samurais) and his second Opera Junior Butterfly (both are composed by Saegusa Shigeaki) were performed in Tokyo and at Puccini festival 2006.

His other works are

YUMETSUKAI - A New Two-City Tale by a Rental Child (Dream Messenger) Kodansha,  1989.  (English ed., Kodansha International )

JIYU SHIKEI (Capital Punishment) Shueisha, 1999

SUISEI NO JUNIN (The Inhabitants of the Comet) Shinchosha, 2000

The translated work by Shimada:

Rubicon Beach” by Steve Erickson