AIGAInterpretation PriceStandard

                                                                     As of August 2009

Binding Hours



Up to 4 hours

20,000 yen

Up to 8 hours 40,000 yen

Up to 8 hours

40,000 yen

6,250 yen/hour


7 4 days in advance: 30 of the confirmed price.

 3-2 days in advance: 50 of the confirmed price.

1 day in advance or on the day: 100% of the confirmed price.


* The price above varies for reasons such as the skill and experience required for the service you need.

* Please make sure to confirm the actual rate of the interpreter you will use

  based on the price above when you make an inquiry.

* Transportation fee from the interpreters home to the meeting place and any travel cost on duty is    added.

* Please inform us in advance when you need a receipt.


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