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Part 2
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Natsumi & Toukairin

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Natsumi & Toukairin
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The following is the "Last Conversation Between Natsumi & Toukairin" from File.48 of the TV series. (The transcript was written by Rix Velasco from the Philippines, edited by the Natsumi Chan)

"Vroooom!" Natsumi starts her motorcycle. Meanwhile, in the garage tuning-up Today, Miyuki, startled by the noise, glances up at Natsumi and wonders.

Miyuki : Ohh Natsumi…

Natsumi looks at Miyuki with a blank expression.

Natsumi : I'm going for a little while…
Miyuki (smiling): Well good luck!

The motorcycle starts rolling. Natsumi hits the road and heads towards the Airport, Terminal 2. Meanwhile, Toukairin is giving his passport to a lady at the counter. Toukairin turns back as if hoping to see Natsumi .

Lady at counter: Uhh, excuse me.

Toukairin looks back at the lady who gave him back his passport. By the meantime, Natsumi passed a couple driving a Ferrari who looked really amazed as Natsumi's bike surpassed their Ferrari (speedwise). At the airport, Toukairin turns back again to see if Natsumi came. Not seeing Natsumi, he smiles to himself wryly and heads for to the Departure Area. However, for the briefest of moments, he looked back once again and there was Natsumi, staring at him with her expression of being used. She was panting and exhausted. Then she straightened herself and walked up to Toukairin.

Face to face ....

Natsumi : You liar!
Toukairin: Huh…?
Natsumi :I know that you lost to me on purpose and I'm not very happy with you for doing that. What do you mean by the last match. I have so much to regret now. IDIOT!!!

Natsumi looked really angry ....

Toukairin: You came for that?
Natsumi : That's right! I mixed up public and private matters and it's your fault!

Toukairin took out a white hankerchief from his side pocket. He offered it to Natsumi who looks surprised.

Natsumi : What's this?
Toukairin: Your nose.

Natsumi looks at the piece of cloth and grabs it hastely. Natsumi blows her nose as Toukairin looks on.

Toukairin: I didn't lose on purpose. That was your real strength, Natsumi.

Natsumi stares at him with her eyes very focused. Her face was reprimanding.

Natsumi : Yes, but…

Toukairin gives Natsumi a denying look.

Toukairin: I would never lie to you.
Natsumi : What about last night?
Toukairin: Huh .. please, please don't say it Natsumi.

Natsumi looks demandingly.

Natsumi : I will, I must say it at this moment! I must not hesitate! Well, what about your indecisiveness last night!?

The question of Natsumi seemed to offend Toukairin (his face twitched a little) but he didn't take it much seriously.

Toukairin: Well I shouldn't let a woman say it first…it just wouldn't be right!

Natsumi : It doesn't matter. I just, I just ...

(An airplane flies away)

Toukairin had no time now there was only one thing he wanted to express at this moment. He placed his left hand to Natsumi's right shoulder and his right on her left arm. Natsumi looked at him. Toukairin suddenly bent his head down and gave Natsumi a kiss. Natsumi was taken by surprise.

(Another airplane takes off.  Some people are admiring Natsumi's bike parked outside the Terminal.)

Toukairin let go of Natsumi's arm and shoulder. He straightened himself and looked at Natsumi sincerely. Natsumi is surprised that she couldn't hide what she really felt inside. She looked at Toukairin desperately and gently grabbed the collar of his sea green shirt. Toukairin looked shocked at Natsumi. Natsumi's face was so close to him. She gave him a smile and a passionate look. Then she whispered ...

Natsumi : I love you…

Natsumi closes her eyes and kissed Toukairin.

Days later in the office, Natsumi reads a postcard ...

Toukairin's voice over : I'm doing fine. Love, Shouji Toukairin.

Natsumi looks at the picture, a beautiful view of a mountain. Miyuki calls out to Natsumi.

Miyuki : Natsumi, let's go patrol now.
Natsumi : Okay.

She gently put the postcard down and stood up from her desk

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