Since 22 Dec 1998


How to take a bike trip around Japan


From April to May and July to November.

You should go around the Hokkaido from Jul. to Aug.

June is the rainy season.

Typhoons often hit in Sept.

Japanese road

Too much traffic

Many hills

For the most part paved

Japanese traffic regulations

The bike and the car keep to the left. A pedestrian is on the righthand side.

When you turn right go through the intersection and then turn right after the lights change to green.

You should ride on the sidewalk during heavy traffic.

Be careful of cars suddenly coming out of alleys.

If a vehicle doesn't notice you, you may get hit.

Cars may pass closely by you.

Free places to stay


Under the eaves of a building.

Transport terminal


Dry riverbed


A camping site charges too much here and so you should ask before you go there.

The motor camp is too expensive. About 4000yen. I've asked supermarkets in the evenings for the locations of parks

Take a bath

Communal bath


You can stay in a town that has a public bath or a spa. Or you can take a bath on your way through the town.

You should ask the people in the town about it.


Supermarket:Located in each town (Hours 10a.m to 10p.m)

The convenience store:Every town has it (open 24 Hours.)

The town are close to each other, so the convenience stores are easy to find,except in Hokkaido.

Some vegetables and fruits are sold in packages that contain too much for one parson. And you should take care of your health for lack of nutrition.


Gasoline: Readily available.

Gas cylinders: Get it from a shopping center, a camping equipment shop or a fishing shop.

Popular brands are PRIMUS,EPI,COLEMAN and CAMPING GAZ. but the shop may not have the brand you want.


Mountain bike: Most readily available.

Road bike: Few shops have it.

Getting 650c and over 700cX28 tires are difficult.


Japan has 35mm,APS films and throw away camera.

35mm film most readily available.

Price of 35mm ISO100
12exposure 330 yen.
24exposure 420 yen.
36exposure 570 yen.
Films Price of 35mm ISO100
12 330
24 420
36 570
Price of Throw away camera
880 yen ` 2000yen.(It has a lot of kind)
35mm 720 yen each roll
APS 850 yen each rol
The time required.
A few days.
The shop that develops on site needs only a few hours.


Use of YEN (cash) is best

If you have traveler's checks in YEN and you should only what you need.

You can not use credit cards in many supermarkets.


In Mar. of 1998 I spent 50,000yen in 25days and rode 1500km.
(This included 23,000yen food.)

Transporting your bike

When you take your bike on a plane or a train you need to take it apart and pack in a bike bag.

Japanese water supplyD

Drinking water here is safe.

How do you say it in Japanese?

Is there a park nearby?
chikaku ni kouen wa arimasuka

Does this town has a communal bath?
kono machi ni sentou wa arimasuka

Does this town has a spa?
kono machi ni onsen wa arimasuka

How much ?
ikura desuka

Can you give me a discount?
makete kudasai

Where is the toilet?
toire wa doko desuka

Can I use the toilet?
toire kashite kudasai

If you don't mind, could you tell me about your country and about the places you've been to.