Tetsuko's Home Page


This is Tetsuko's Home Page. I would like to introduce my hometown. My hometown is Yamaguchi. It located on the end of Honshu. There are surrounded by river and mountain, so the air is very clean and fresh. We can swim in the river. The most famous food is globefish. It is one of the gorgeous food. Yamaguchi is very natureful. It is easy to live for children and old people.


I live in the east part of Yamaguchi. It is Iwakuni. The most famous place is Kintai-Bridge. The bridge like a glass bridge. We can enjoy four seasons at there. In Spring, there are a lot of cherry blossom trees, so we can enjoy the Hanami under the tree. In Summer, they have fire works. In Autumn, we can see the red leaves. In Winter, we can see snow. They are show us different faces all seasons.

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