Environmental Administration

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This is a gateway to several pieces of research and writing on environmental administration in California and the United States.  The purpose is to explore the variety of factors that shape and influence the behavior and performance of resource management and environmental protection agencies for water, forests, recreational land, and species. Personal
Authorship: Takuro Yoshida  is a exchange student from Japan (Sophia University )studying at  UC Davis, majoring in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning. Takuro  grew up in Nagasaki.  After graduating, Takuro  plans to work in Japan in a environmental protection company. Takuro is a member of ESS and interested in car and snowboarding.
Internal: The buttons at the top of the page lead to the major research projects completed for the course.  Each of them has further links to the rest of the Web site.  External: The following links lead to basic information about state and federal agencies.

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