Yoko's Page!!

Hi. Everyone. This is Yoko Watanabe.
I'd love to create a fun site here!!

I have been the USA for three years. First, I got kind of culture shock.
There are so many differences between the USA and Japan. I wonder why
American vegetables are so huge, colorful and tasteless. Why it's not
good thing to say sorry. What is interesting in American joke? Why do I
have to pay a tip for weird service? Why why why...........................????
Anyway, I have figured out a question one by one...........

I'd love to write my memory in the USA here to remember every
small things like a diary. I do not know how many years I can stay here.
May be one year or more... I'm exciting whenever I think  what kind
of new surprising is waiting for me. ^_^

>>>>Little About Me
  • I was Born in Japan, Ehime.
  • Ehime is famous for an orange.
  • I have been learning drawing almost for 8 years.
  • I will go to CSU Long Beach from next semester.
  • I love hung around with friends so much!!
    If you have any comment, please write it down here.


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