If your PC doesn't have Japanese system, you may want to take one of the following ways to browse web sites written in Japanese:

1) Install the Japanese version of Windows 95.

2) Use the Far East support in valuepack of MS Office 97 CD. This enables you to view Japanese on MS Office 97 programs and Internet Explorer 3.0 which is also included in MS Office 97 CD.

3) Download IE 4.0 with Far East support for Japanese from Microsoft's homepage.

NEW!! 4) Use the site at This site will bring you to a site written in Japanese with a known URL, and convert all Japanese fonts into graphical images. Therefore, it takes long to download a whole page. BUT, you don't have to have Japanese fonts in your PC or Mac. So, you can browse a Japanese newspaper from a PC or Mac at Cornell. Remember, our site (Ithaca Information Web) is located at