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This page is built for help international students or people who want to become so. We are several inter national students who are living in the U.S. or who graduate US UNIV or College. This page is sapported by International students assistants of Whatcom Community College in WA US.

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otone, kool, sainari
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Whatcom Community College inter national assistants 
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international students or will become 
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the day you want to be 
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Bellingham WA theU.S. 
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every where 
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every things 
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some things 
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English and Japanese so far 
read guestbook write guestbook small things how people like this page?

we love your mail

some links who used to be a student of WCC
Icon Otone. a student in the U.S. (Japanese language)
Icon Kool's room.

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