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--- Several Japanese Parks ---

Play with Family, Enjoy many flowers, Sleeping under the sunshine ...

Enjoy your holidays during in Japan with there !

相模原市 県立相模原公園+相模原麻溝公園
     Sagamihara & Sagamihara-Asamizo Park at Sagamihara City

厚木市  七沢森林公園
     Nanasawa Shinrin Park at Atsugi City

大和市  引地台公園
     Hikijidai Park at Yamato City

大和市  泉の森
     Izumi-no-Mori at Yamato City

町田市  薬師池公園
     Yakushiike Park at Machida City

町田市  町田リス園
     Machida Risu-en (or Squirrel Zoo) at Machida City

町田市  芹が谷公園
     Serigaya Park at Machida City

日野市  多摩動物公園
     Tama Zoo at Hino City

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