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◎"The Cult of Okawa / Invite of admission"(1995)

This work is made under the influence of disturbance of the cult of OHM.
This is too's very very dull. In this work,Jpanese comedy group,Okawa-promotion appear. and the promotion's member,Japanese Cult comedian, Egashira2:50 appears. some people like him,but some people hate him.
There are many Silly comedy scene,10-meter-ZAZEN-dash, a competition of pun, a competition of "KUNBAKA" in the water,etc. but there is no laugh.
But this is the evidence that all the Japanese are not diligent. (video release only.)
※Japanese title:"oukawa-kougyou / nyuushin no susume"

◎"The slave training / Men in the dragon-factory"(1991)

This flic was released as Gay movie in Japan.This flic is very very weird !! and very very silly !! and very very suspicious !!
The dragon-factory is a gymnasium for SM mania of homosexual.Hero enters said factory,and factory's coach(Ryuji Yamamoto) attempts hero to be own slave. but the table are turned,factory's coach becomes hero's slave.
This flic is really a bitter smile's flic !In a play, factory's assistant-instructor pulls a dumbbell by own anus (SEE!! left photo!) .This scene is the best highlight scene!This flic is really silly .
This flic is directed by female director. Her name is Sachi Hamano.She is called "The Qeen of Japanese skin flics".She directs many bizarre flics. As it were "Doris Wishman of Japan".
※Japanese title:"dorei-cyokyo / dragon-factory no otoko tati"

◎"Serial rape in the subway / The uniform hunting"(1987)

This rated violent action flic is very exciting!This flic is a type of Charles Bronson's"Death Wish".
Heroine and her sister is raped by punks in the subway.and shocked her sister kills heroine become a taxi driver to hunt for said punks(her weapon is Mozel Military!), in the end,she revenges against said punks.
This flic's director is Syuji Kataoka, who is good at violent action.he directs many masterpieces of violent flics.
By the way, this flic is one of "Serial rape in the subway" series.There are 4 titles in the series (all titles are directed by Kataoka.)
※Japanese title:"chikatetsu renzoku reipu / seihuku gari"

◎"It's Weird! The Caged Girl"(1983)

This rated flic is very strange.
The former part is funny,but the taste change into bizarre in the latter person is drowned,and killed by the evil female instructor(this flic's villain:she has a severe underarm odor and wild underarm hair!!),one person kills himself.
heroine is timidity,the instructor don't like her character and she imprison heroine.heroine goes mad in the cage,heroine keep shaving a stick of the cage.
What makes me surprised is that this flic is made by a great rated flic's master,Yukio Kitazawa.He generally makes flics with the complexities of a love affair.
※Japanese title:"hentai! ori no onna"

◎"0105 is a man's number"(1996)

this flic was released as a Gay movie in Japan.but this contents are full of nonsense gags and parodies.
Japanese skin flic's cult star Ryuji Yamamoto acts the hero,and also directs this flic.He fights against Gay gang(Yutaka Ikejima:he is a veteran Japanese rated flic actor/director) for his boyfriend.
In opening,He shows us a sword battle and a kung-fu battle by himself.
But Ryuji's direction is not good,so I can't give words of high praise.
 but this flic is worth seeing. because this flic is full of splendid trash taste.
※Japanese title:"0105 ha otoko no bangou"

◎"High school teacher / the lewd extracurricular lesson"(1996)

This film was released as a skin flic in Japan,but this is typical teen JD movie.
Heroine is a woman teacher, she goes about with a collegue,but he is a corrupt teacher.he like an act of violence and having sexual intercourse with a schoolgirl.heroine dosen't know his inner charactor.
Hero,heroin's disciple who loves heroine has no patience with said corrupt her lover.
In the end,heroin knows her lover's corrupt charactor ,and hero's anger explode,heroin's lover is killed by hero's group bullying.
This flic is very very nice because I performed one of students(SEE above photo! the right person is me!). This flic is directed by great rated flic director,Yukio Kitazawa.
※Japanese title:"koukou-kyoushi midara na kagaijugyou"

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