Dear my love. How are you?
I have been thinking about you.
I write this letter knowing it will probably never reach you.
Many days, as cold as winter hights.
Have passed since that time.
My weakness.
And the way in witch I hurt you.
Disappear into the darkness.
I know we cannot turn back the clock and return.
I believe that not meeting you signifies my last love.
I will never forget the tenderness you showed me.
You live on in each new day.Your memory brightes the sky.
Don’t hate me.Don’t become sad because of me.
That is all ask.
I opened the window today and saw.
A myriad of flowers blooming.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you.
To say goodbye is like being a small lost child again.
Goodbye. Goodbye.Goodbye. Goodbye………