Profile of "Younosuke"

"Younosuke" is Handle Name
from the Japanese comics"AZUKI CHAN"'s Character's Name.

I was born Jan.8,1979 at Tottori Pref.

I live in Kanagawa Pref. now.

173cm 58kg Blood Type is "O"

"How to Contact to me"


Please click and send the your E-MAIL to me!!
I'm waiting for your action.
I want to make friends in Japan and another countries!

2.ICQ (Ver.2000b) ID NO.=


Please talk with me in Japanese or English with ICQ!

3.Please Write to your message on my BBS for me

"BBS of Younouke"

My hobby is

"Guitar,Poem,Composing,Listening to Music,Cycling,Jogging", and so on...

"MY Favorite Singers"

"Something ELse" "SCRIPT" "MOON CHILD"
"Bluem of Youth" "FIELD OF VIEW" "DEEN" "RAZZ MA TAZZ"
"Utada" "Sunny Side Up" "My Little Lover" "Ayano Tsuji"
"Noriyuki Makihara" "TMNetwork" "Mr.Children" "Miho Komatsu"
"WANDS" "B'z" "The Castanets" "ULFLS" "Masaharu Fukuyama"

"My Favorite Talents"

"Tomoko Fujita" "Mayumi Ono" "Tomoko Nakajima"
"Miho Kanno" "Emi Hashino" "Tomoko Kawase(Tommy February6)"
"Izumi Inamori" "Hidehiko Ishiduka" "Shigeru Joshima(TOKIO)"
"Masaki Saito(Free Writer)"