'97 S.O.L.E. Autumn Performance


I Never Saw

Another Butterfly



Celeste Raspanti


<日時> 11月14日(金)  13:30〜  / 18:00〜

           15日(土)  17:00〜


<場所>関西学院大学 旧学生会館2Fホール




<お問い合わせ先>0798−52−4145 (政田)まで




"Don't be afraid! Remember you are not alone.

Whatever you see or hear, whatever is done,

remember we are together-"


"For seven weeks I've lived in here.

Penned up inside this ghetto.

But I have found my people here."


"Somehow, one of us is sure to survive.

One of us will teach the children how to sing again,

to write on paper with a pencil,

to do sums and to draw-"


"I have nothing to give you but this....

the fields, the flowers, and all the butterflies...."


"Father, Mother, Pavel, Irca, Irena, Honza-

they are all gone, and I am alone.

But that is not important.

Only one thing is important-

that I am a Jew, and that I survived Terezin."