Citroen AX tuning info.

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Compomotive wheels
Devil cup exhaust silencer
Nardi steering and boss


Famous tuners in UK


A Scorpion exhaust from Cituning will cost you much. Get them to fit the very fine Green induction kit and you'll have an extra 10-12 horses. You'll get a great sounding little lump an' all.

Add re-jetted carb, a gas-flowed & matched head and a manifold to the above and you're looking at 105 galloping French horses. It'll cost you \300k fitted, but you'll be driving a car that'll stuff 1600cc 205s.

Throw an extra two grand at the above and you'll get a pair of twin 40 carbs, an uprated fuel pump, OMP competition head gasket, competition head and a high-lift cam. The result is 130 bhp! A G-suit is extra.

GMC Motorsport

GMC recommend a full brake service before you even consider engine mods. Good advice, follow it. They recommend you save some dosh until you can afford some more worthwhile engine mods. They can supply you with a Scropion exhaust and a performance air filter, but if you can afford it, go for an uprated cam, a four-branch manifold, a skimmed head and minor port work and valve springs (essential if you fit any performance cam). You'll be looking at just over 100bhp for all this. Uprated head bolts need to be fitted for any serious engine work. If you can afford upwards of \150K, go for throttle bodies or twin 40s. GMC suggest you add another \20K on any major engine work to cover cost of cambelt, oil, oil filter, anti-freeze etc.

LAD Motorsport

For \180K, LAD Motorsport will rebuild your head to Group A spec, uprate the cams, fit an uprated timing belt, re-jet the carb and put in a free-flow, bolt-on air filter. If your car's done more than 120,000Km, then forget this conversion and go for a full rebuild. Send LAD the lump and for \200K, they'll not only rebuild the engine, but give you a big fat power figure of 105bhp as well.

Tuning parts list *Attention

These are the parts I found on some catalogs or magazines. (French / English). All the prices are converted from their local currency to "Yen". And it is not included shipping cost or other handling charge. For most cases, it costs twice or more if you buy same parts in Japan.



Deltamics Panther 6spoked 1piece 13, 14inch   \15,000 -
5spoked TBA   TBA
5spoked TBA   TBA
Compomotive TH Fin type 1 piece 13, 14inch \15,000 -
MO 3spoked 1 piece 13, 14inch \15,000 -
BRAID D133 13inch 4.5j - 13j 3pieces w/ silver & gold \19,000 -
D5 14 - 18inch 4.5j - 13j 3pieces 10spoked w/ silver \24,000 -
D6 14 - 18inch 4.5j - 13j 3pieces 5spoked w/ silver \22,000 -
D7 14 - 18inch 4.5j - 13j 3pieces 6spoked w/ silver \22,000 -
N143 14inch 5.5j-9j 3pieces 8spoked w/ silver & gold \22,000 -
Rimstock Rimtech 5spoked 1piece 5.5jx13inch / 6.0jx14inch \15,000 -
Tritech 3spoked 1piece 5.5jx13inch / 6.0jx14inch \14,000 -
Intertech 5spoked(narrow) 1piece 5.5jx14inch \21,000
Wolfrace TL Talon 5spoked 5.5jx13 inch / 6.0jx14inch 1piece \11,000 -
Musketier Type4004 5spoked 1piece 5.5jx13inch (w/o central cover) \14,000
Type4206 12spoked 1piece 5.5jx14inch \21,000
Type155.10 6spoked 1piece 6.0jx15inch \20,000


Devil Cup 86mm   \32,000
Xl 102mm   \30,000
Supersprint SA Super round 76mm   \21,000
Remus SA round 90mm   \24,000
OMP 100mm   TBA
76mm   TBA
ANSA CT5787 Twin round pipe   \25,000
Jetex ?   TBA
Magnex Stainless steel performance rear box Twin 2.5inch round \21,000
Scorpion Stainless rear box Single 3inch round   \17,000
Stainless rear box Twin 3.5inch round \20,000
PECO Big bore2 \13,000
Big bore4 \13,000
Power master \15,000
Sebring ?   TBA
Piper Evo3   \28,000
Stinger   \15,000
Mongoose Stainless steel performance exhaust Twin 3.5inch   \41,000

Exhausts (Other)

OMP Gr.N&A exhaust system   \25,000
Devil Gr.N&A exhaust system   \32,000
Supersprint Manifold   \33,000
System   \90,000
Magnex Full system (w/o cat)   \42,000
Scorpion Full system (Tail: 3inch NFP)   \36,000
PECO Manifold   \17,000
Intermediate   \8,000
Musketier By Remus 4squared tail pipes \7,0000

Strut braces

OMP Steel upper   \7,000
Steel lower   \5,000
Sparco Steel upper   \8,000
Jamex Steel upper   TBA

Brakes (Roter)

OMP 238x10   \8,000
Brensport For Phase 1 (-91)   \12,000
For Phase 2 (92-)   \13,000
Unknown (at GT2i) 238x10 Gr.N   \7,000
238x10 Performance (Drilled disc)   \11,000
Black diamond X-drilled disc   \14,000
G-Force Sport 2000 drilled grooved disc   \19,000


Ferodo 451   \7,000
Sparco OEM Ferodo451 (For phase1)   \7,000
Mintex Mintex1144 (For phase1)   \7,000
Brembo For Phase 1   \9,000
G-Force     \6,000
EBC Kevlar   \7,000

Shock absorbers

KONI Adjustable Front   \23,000
Adjustable Rear   \17,000
Sachs TBA   TBA
Jamex TBA   TBA
Spax Adjustable Front   \24,000
Adjustable Rear   \14,000
Bilstein Gr.N Front   \17,000
Gr.N Rear   \12,000
Monroe Sensatrack   TBA
Unknown (at GT2i) Gr.N Front (Combined spring)   \61,000
Gr.N Rear   \16,000
Gr.A+F (Combined spring)   \60,000
Gr.A+F   \16,000
Gr.A+F Reinforced stabilizer   \31,000


OMP 35mm down   \8,000
Jamex 35-40mm down   TBA
Eibach For Peugeot106   TBA
H&R     TBA

Air cleaner

K&N Standard replacement   \6,000
JR Standard replacement   TBA
Green Standard replacement   TBA
Jetex Standard replacement   TBA
Pipercross Standard replacement   TBA
RAM air Standard replacement   TBA


Piper Fast Road/Rally cam   \32,000
Rally blank only cam   \32,000
RAlly blank only cam   \32,000
Kentcams Fast Road   \35,000
Rally   \35,000
Rally/Race   \35,000


OMP Disc - Metal spring   \13,000
Disc - Rigid Disc   \12,000
Cover - Reinforced   \12,000
Sachs Cover 180mm   \19,000
Disc - Organic spring   \19,000
Disc - Metal spring   \24,000
Disc - Metal rigid   \28,000
Valeo Competition Cover   \12,000
Competition Disc MFA (spring)   \14,000
Competition Disc rigid   \13,000
Maxtorq Kit including cover, disc and link   \13,000

Roll cages

OMP 8pts   \29,000
Sparco TBA   \33,000
Safty Devices TBA   \30,000

Lamp pods

OMP 4 pods (universal type) pod base only   \16,000
Unknown (at GT2i) 200mmx4   \39,000
150mmx4   \35,000
Pairx2 200mmx4   \42,000


Unknown (at GT2i) DA121   \115,000
AP racing Suretrack MA transmission (Ratio 2.3)   \83,000
Suretrack 8bolt C/Wheel (Ratio 2.8)   \83,000


Unknown (at GT2i) Gear box 12x41 - 15x37 - 23x42 - 26x39 - 22x37   \133,000


Valeo Type D6   \20,000


Valeo Type 70A   \27,000


OMP Alminium protector   \15,000

High ratio steering

Trans Auto Sport Kwik Rak (Complete Rack)   \29,000
Kwik Rak (LHD)   \22,000
Kwik Rak (RHD)   \17,000
Unknown (at GT2i) Reduction 28%   \21,000

Quick shift

Trans Auto Sport High speed professional gear levers & quick-shift kits   \15,000