Heavy Metal Hamsters

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"Heavy Metal Anthem"
Words & Music By Y"Yoshikun"Loudamp

Danger! Step into the danger
There is no turning back
What can I do? No!
Darkness! Can't you here sirens to warn?
Feelings learn to die
Forbidden game just has begun

We standing in illusion
All the pains are all around
Still I don't know
Still I don't know
Still I don't know
Overkill with no alert
Cry for all lies
Still you don't know
Still you don't know

We got so much power inside to get out of here
We can falling higher ground there will be no fear
If we falling down to the dark we will never die
When we unite over the world anthem comes alive

Screaming! Laser in the night
Burning all the world
What do you do? No!
Evil! Evil doing
Makes you sad and mad
Takes you wicked side

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