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Wellcom to The Corrs Page
This site is unofficial The Corrs Fan Page!
The Corrs

This picture is drawn by MITSU from ITALY.

Japanese Version

About The Corrs(As I know.)
CD CDs I have or collected.
I can't collect the CD all around the World
2002/03/21 UPDATED
Lyris Lyris of The Corrs.
I think the lyrics are Good.
My Review My Review of Albums
2002/03/21 UPDATED
Image Pictures of The Corrs
I don't have a Scaner so I used my friend's one.
Mailing List Mailing List I join. If you join, you can get Many Information about The Corrs.
The Corrs Link The Corrs's Link
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Feeling Of the Live My Feeling Of the Live At Tokyo on 23 September.
Mitsu's Manga Mitsu drew the Corrs Manga!!

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