Live in Kings Hall, Belfast, Ireland, 6/6/1991

very listenable but some songs (*) have speed errors


 1.The Obvious Child (cut)

 2.The Boy In The Bubble

 3.She Moves On


 5.Born At The Right Time

 6.Train In The Distance

 7.Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard

 8.I Know What I Know

 9.The Cool, Cool River

10.Bridge Over Troubled Water


12. (Michael Brecker)

13.The Coast (* speed errors from casette)

14.Graceland (* speed errors from casette)

15.You Can Call Me Al (* speed errors from casette)

16.You Can Call Me Al ( reprise )

17.Still Crazy After All These Years

18.Loves Me Like A Rock

19.Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes

20.Hearts And Bones

21.Late In The Evening

22.Homeward Bound

23.The Boxer


25.The Sound Of Silence

26.Proof (encore)