Live at Osaka Castle Hall, Japan, 10/10/91 (FM Osaka Radio Special)


 1.The Obvious Child (and message from Paul for Japanese fans)

 2.The Boy In The Bubble

 3.She Moves On


 5.Born At The Right Time

 6.Train In The Distance

 7.Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard

 8.I Know What I Know

 9.The Cool, Cool River

10.Bridge Over Troubled Water


12.Michael Brecker Sax Solo

13. Cecilia


15.You Can Call Me Al


 --Bonus Tracks----

 1.Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard (Sesame Street)

 2.Cowboy Song / Get Back (Sesame Street)

 3.St. Judy's Comet (Sesame Street)

 4.50 Ways to leave Your Lover (23rd Grammy)

 5.Diamonds on the Sole of Her Shoes (29th Grammy)

 6.The Cool,Cool River (34th Grammy)

 7.Bridge Over Troubled Water (NHK, 12/31/1990)




*When Paul was singing gProofh, I waved the mascot doll of Hanshin Tigers, Japanese baseball team.

And fortunately he noticed me! So I threw it to him, and he caught it.

He continued singing gProofh as if the doll were singing!

He said gThanksh in the middle of gproofh, and the word is exactly only for me!!!