MOST PECULIAR SONGS (covers of PS songs, duets, etc.)


 1.The Sound Of Silence (Boudewijn de Groot in Dutch)

 2.Richard Cory (Them, 1st version)

 3.Richard Cory (Them, 2nd version)

 4.Richard Cory (Cuby and the Blizzards)

 5.The Boxer (Bob Dylan)

 6.Scarborough Fair (Brainbox)

 7.Bridge Over Troubled Water (Liesbeth List in Dutch)

 8.Bridge Over Troubled Water (Elvis Presley)

 9.Richard Cory (Wings)

10.The Dangling Conversation (Joan Baez)

11.The Boxer (Joan Baez)

12.Still Crazy After All These Years (Ray Charles)

13.Slip Slidin' Away

14.Stranded In A Limousine

15.The Blues (duet w/Randy Newman)

16.America (w/Art)

17.Kathy's Song (w/Art)

18.Homeward Bound (w/Art)

19.The 59th Street Bridge Song (w/Art)

20.For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her (w/Art)

21.Homeward Bound (w/George Harrison)