Tracks from the BBC "Paul Simon Special" (TV),

upgraded tracks from "Songs of America",

miscellaneous live and TV appearances




 1.The Girl for Me (composite)

 2.Paul on early songwriting

 3.Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound

 4.April Come She Will

 5.A Church Is Burning

 6.He Was My Brother

 7.Homeward Bound

 8.The Sound of Silence

 9.Teen set interview (1966)

10.The Side of a Hill

11.Art on creating Scarborough Fair

12.Smothers Brothers Show (intro 1967)

13.  59th Street Bridge Song

14.  Smothers Brothers dialogue

15.  Cloudy

16.Smothers Brothers Show (intro 1968)

17.  Homeward Bound

18.  Overs

19.Paul as a songwriter

20.Bridge Over Troubled Water (piano intro)

21.America (remixed)

22.Cuba Si, Nixon No (rehearsal)

23.So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright (rehearsal)

24.At the Zoo (rehearsal)

25.America (rehearsal)

26.Bridge Over Troubled Water (rehearsal)

27.Mrs. Robinson (live)

28.Art on live - Paul as president

29.59th Street Bridge Song (bedside-version)

30.Mystery Train

31.For Emily Whenever I May Find Her (live)

32.The Boxer (live excerpt)

33.Paul comments

34.Homeward Bound (live excerpt)

35.America (live excerpt)

36.The Sound Of Silence (live)

37.Song For The Asking (Paris 1970)

38.The Breakup (sketch 1973)




 1.Duncan (demo)

 2.Mother and Child Reunion (demo)

 3.Mother and Child Reunion (ska demonstration)

 4.Paranoia Blues (demo)

 5.Still Crazy After All These Years (spoof)

 6.Scarborough Fair (Muppet Show 1980)

 7.The Late Great Johnny Ace (Central Park 1981)

 8.Writing Hearts and Bones

 9.Hearts and Bones (net-show 1984)

10.Citizen of the Planet (Letterman 1984)

11.Star Spangled Banner (1986)

12.Amazing Grace (Ladysmith Black Mambazo)

13.The Boxer (Farm Aid V 1993)

14.Graceland (Farm Aid V with Willie Nelson)

15.Homeward Bound (Farm Aid V)

16.Still Is Still (with Willie Nelson 1993)

17.Graceland (the Big Six-0 with Willie nelson 1993)

18.Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (the Big Six-0 1993)

19.Loves Me Like A Rock (Letterman 1998)

20.Pledging My Love (Hamburg 20-10-2000)

21.The Late Great Johnny Ace (Hamburg 20-10-2000)

22.Scarborough Fair w/ Martin Carthy (London 25-10-2000)