Live in Vienna, Austria, 10/18/1980


 1.Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard

 2.Still Crazy After All These Years

 3.Ace In The Hole

 4.You're Kind

 5.Something So Right

 6.Slip Slidin' Away

 7.One-Trick Pony


 9.50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

10.Late In The Evening

11.American Tune

12.Kodachrome / Mabelline

13.Have A Good Time

14.I Do It For Your Love

15.Loves Me Like A Rock

16.Some Folks' Lives Roll Easy

17.Give Me Jesus On The Line

18.Bridge Over Troubled Water

19.Gone At Last

20.The Boxer

21.Cecilia / Amazing Grace

22.Mrs. Robinson

23.The Sound Of Silence

24.Long, Long Day

25.Late In The Evening (Encore)

26.Here I Come

27.Rivers Of Babylon

28.Bye Bye Love