The 1995 Windstar Symposium Concert

                  featuring John Denver and Kenny Loggins

Windstar Symposium on the Winsdstar Land

                  near Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado August 1995 (B+)


Saturday evening show

  1.Love Is The Master

  2.Children Of The Universe

  3.Catch Another Butterfly

  4.In This Healing Time

  5.The Flower That Shattered The Stone

  6.Poems, Prayers And Promises

  7.The Wandering Soul

  8.Rocky Mountain High

  9. (Loggins intro)

 10.Leap Of Faith

 11.The Real Thing

 12.Conviction Of The Heart


Sunday short music program

 13.All This Joy


John Denver, tracks 1-8 and 13

Kenny Loggins, tracks 9-12