Following is the 1997 fall term J1 syllabuses.
J1 is the first of a series of courses that give students structural knowledge of the
language and an ability to communicate effectively with Japanese people.
Main emphasis will be placed on communicative accuracy throughout the courses by studying
sentence patterns/structures and practicing them in classroom activities such as role-playing. Of
the four language skills, the development of speaking and listening will be
emphasized, though reading and writing will also be cultivated.

J1 is designed to develop the ability to carry out conversations in rather
limited situations: greetings, shopping, a brief self-introduction, etc. Students will learn how to use
basic nouns, verbs, adjectives and counters including dates, months,
time, days of the week, etc. Katakana and approximately 80 kanji (Chinese characters) will also be
introduced. By the end of J1 students will attain
the novice-mid level in the Oral Proficiency Interview test.