Herewith are some of pictures of Blues Butterflies, which I collected just as hobby by myself or by way of exchange/purchase.
The quality of specimen and pictures is not good at all. Nonetheless, I believe that if many lepidopterists all over the world upload this type of home pages, one can build up an illustrated book of butterflies in his hard disc through respective web sites. Such an illustrated book will grow and improve day by day, and should eventually excel Seitz books.
In this page, there are pretty many items whose identification is doubtful or difficult mainly because information available to me is quite limited. Your comments by e-mail bettering my page will be highly appreciated.

I start with a part of Agrodiaetus species, a very confusing group when identifying.
The intention is to increase the numbers of species and genus from time to time.

Mizuyoshi Hirosawa
December 24, 2000


Pictures of PMC