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  Please read.
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GIS Map Figures
Favored opening it to the public.
Virtual-office MAP figures is 'Map and figure for education organization.' in 'It is assumption as for the print' while zealously making it.
Wherever you like can be expanded and be reduced to the size of the favor. It is a full effect on the white map making.
Continuity ... Here is clicked.
Adobe AcrobatTM PDF is Here. -> 0.9MBJapan (0.93MB) 1.7MBWorld (1.7MB)
Now making World Map on Wikipedia, This Site
WEB Viewer Japanese MAP / World MAP
for Profesional, Here. ->Geographical Survey Institute, Japan/Topographic Chart Browsing System, Serach Index(Trial Release)
Digital Chart of the World in SVG ( Need Adobe SVG Viewer)
Turn to Practical Use, Here ->Super Lab./SVG's Room/#14 (Need Adobe SVG Viewer)
for Layman, Here. ->Yahoo!Maps
Use with GPL's QCad, Here. -> Japan (2.3MB) / World (1.2MB)

If you want to use a SVG Map, Here. ( too Slow / Test Version )
   1. QCad -> Japan DXF (2.3MB) -> DXF2SVG -> Japan All (1.6MB), Japan_1 (1.0MB), Japan_2 (0.6MB)
      Japan_All.zip (1.6MB), Japan_1.zip (1.0MB), Japan_2.zip (0.6MB)
   2. QCad -> World DXF (1.2MB) -> DXF2SVG -> World
•for Education
A usage of "Virtual-office Map Figures" and concrete sample are here.
Malay-Japanese Dictionary
Malaysia word-Japanese
katakana-English Dictionary
IME Japanese katakana - English Dictionary
IME Malay-Japanese
IME Malay-Japanese Dictionary
IME Japanese Mail-Idiom
IME Japanese Mail-Idiom Dictionary

•Haute Vulgarization
Difficult[specialist・labyrinthian]Question is simplify.
It is read in Roma-ji, "ooto burugarize-shon".

One example of the set method no server of the Internet and Intranet it and nor to use the Japanese full-text search system with a notebook-sized personal computer which can carry easily and a very usual computer is recorded.
The person who wants to see Here
•for Architects & Designers
Bone Structure of Human Hand on SVG
Need Adobe SVG Viewer

QCad ScreenShots
Tree Dictionary From Shougakukan Japanese Dictionary
It is a content published in the CAD&CG magazine.
 Jun-2003: How to Convert from Raw Text on MS-Excel to jw_cad for MS-DOS, MS-Windows ( Original Contents )
 Feb-2003: Welcome to the CAD&CG World on Linux!
 Jul-2002: QCad Abstract
 Nov-2000: CAD User Charge Sheet
 Jun-2000: DataConvert
•for Small Office Home Office
What is the meaning of the project?
Thinks about the starting point of the project.
Hereafter, it will be an age of the new organization.
A virtual office is something ?.
The mechanism is various of the organization.
Social influence of communication revolution
Optimization to value and cost
Making to business by uniting knowledge
Promotion system
•Essay for This Week
Unrestrained Essay.
(Ape's Room)
It is core of virtual-office. Uses it for the information gathering from the business trip destination and the management of the data base, etc.Please use it freely when there is something which seems to be something useful.
•My HomeWork, not LifeWork ( To Do, Want to do / None Priority )
Don't Drawing, Make Drawing with CGI Script.
Make "the Sounf of Music" SlideShow with Midi sounds.
Machine Translator's Table, More Languages
Begining SVG's Room in Super Lab.
QCad: Manual in African's Area Languages, Fonts for QCad II
Renewal TopPage
Make Tutorials for Beginners'
Translate QCad Articles
•Update schedule
xx/xx Pers. on QCad
xx/xx QCad Next Step, Japanese
08/22 Excel to jw_cad
07/06 QCad for MacOSX native Setting
07/01 Birth! QCad for MacOSX native
06/09 Interactive Human Walking Model on SVG
05/20 SVG Skelton Model
05/09 How do you think about "ReHome". from DIMS Works
05/08 Avairable Japanese SVG Maps & Resources ( Above )
05/06 QCad UnOfficial Manual Available Nederlands ( Dutch ).
05/05 QCad on Macintosh OS X
04/26 More Interactive
04/16 Map Figures, Dead Link Checked
03/15 OpenSourceSoftware CAD/CAM SagCAD
03/07 QCad UnOfficial Manual Available Turkish.
03/01 QCad UnOfficial Manual Available Swedish (Svenska).
02/25 ISO-8859-1 to -11, -13 to -15 for QCad
02/16 Translation Table
02/07 QCad UnOfficial Manual Available Russian and Thai.
02/04 TopPage Translated 15 Languages e.g. index_xx.html
02/03 TopPage Translated 8 Languages
01/01 MOONLIGHT 'Tip of the day'

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