Vampire's Tavern
Fatherhood remains, at last, a grave enigma,
and when I contemplate that my other son
may one day be a father,
I can only say to him,
as I must to every father after me,
"Take care, take care, take care."
Welcome to my laboratory that wanders around in the cyberworld.
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grotesque images and languages that you may find repulsive.
You've been warned! Enter at your own risk!.

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I've been real busy lately sitting around on my ass.
It just seems that the more sitting on your ass that you do,
the more sitting on your ass that just piles up. It's endless.
I think I can deal with it though. I'll find a way.
Just jerk off once for me, and I'll feel your love and get through it.
Is there anyone normal out there?
I mean...seriously, is there anyone out there who isn't a weirdo, an idiot,
a faggot, a subhuman Zionist Jew, or named Billy Joe Bob from the trailer park?
God, why have you cursed me to this life in being surrounded by only those who are below me?
What did I do in a past life to deserve to be imprisoned in this circle of people dumber than me?
Was it because I was so perfect that I nearly surpassed your greatness
by encapsulating the earth's conscienceness with my mind
and trying to correct all your mistakes with my will?

That must be it.s why I jerked off on my grandmothers grave
g coat hanger thing and send me the photos.