Jean T Presents The Hall of the "Self Satisfaction" now presents photos of Kenya, Barbados,
Nepal and Ambon in Indonesia. Sorry for delay in updating as I have been looking for some photos
which I took in Bali , Indonesia in early 80s. Anyway I will upload some photos of Bali
which I took in 1994, 1996 and 1997. Also I will add Thailand page.
I have been trying very hard to correct photos for
Photo Essay "The Dark Side of Tokyo - No Travel Guide described that". I think I can
start this essay soon. Please wait a little more.

Jean T. has transferred to Thailand.
If you can read and understand Japanese, please visit
his Thailand Page.
(October 17, 1999)

Last Modified : April 23, 1999

Jean-T Presents

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Dark Side of Tokyo 

Photo Essay
No travel guide described that.

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