English from Internet

My comparison

This page has a table that comparison sites for learning English from the internet. One of them we can learn interesting English idioms. And other of them we can learn 20 useful words for each 23 subjects. These sites might usuful my life and also your life.




SUBJECT OF SITEleran interesting English idioms.leran 20 useful words for each subject.(23 subjects)
SIZE OF SITEThere are about 150 idioms.There are 460 useful words in this site.
LEVEL OF SITEThis site is difficult.But it is interesting.This site is little difficult.£Âut It is very useful and convenience to study English.
HOW MATERIAL IS PRESENTEDAfter I saw interesting idiomes,I have to nuderstand the word`s meanning.I can know meanning of many words that is connected with each subjects.
EXAMPLEHave other fish to fry. Meaning:to have something to do that is more important or profitablecashier Meaning:person dealing with cash transactions in a bank, store etc