*** Dear Friends ***

Hello!! Welcome to my web site provided by "NAOHISA OKANO"!!

I am preparing this web site although not completed yet.
Please wait for a while.
Of course, right now you can see some data like diary (written in Japanese) and some pictures.

Some of the data will be written in Japanese.
But I will prepare this site mainly in English so that my non-Japanese friends also can read.
I know that non-Japanese friends may be interested in the information about Japan.
Therefore, I will write about that information.
I will explain what you can see and how you can travel in Japan.
I hope it will be helpful for you to know Japan much more and drive you to go to Japan.

Currently I do not have enough time to maintain this site frequently.
After returning to Japan, I think I will be able to maintain it.
I will write my brief diary as far as possible in English.
You will be able to know how I am doing from my diary.

Please send me your email message.
Your requests are always welcome.
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Both of the accounts are already valid.

Thank you !!!

What's new (English)

Tulane Law School Photo: Steamboat Party

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Los Angels
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January, 1999

Regional Information

New Orleans
Los Angels
Downtown Hollywood
Paramount Pictures Universal Studio
Mardi Gras in New Orleans


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