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Mista-T's Underground Website
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Mista-T's Underground Website Rocks!

What's up folks?  You may be wondering what the heck this underground site is.  I am able to answer that question because I have been creating this site so I know what I am doing.  Well, this site is my personal site created to share all the people, who fortunately or unfortunately happened to find the site, my interests such as the things that I am really into.  It is your freedom to leave or stay anytime you like but I am hoping you would find something interesting you at least one subject.  Get your favorite coffee and enjoy your time at my underground den.

Why it has to be underground?  Good call.  It is nothing to do with legality or subway but sense of reality.  Underground is somewhere you cannot see from the ground...I mean on the surface.  You don't know what is there or what is going on down there.  That what I think is cool.  Yes, you don't know much about who I am nor what I am into.  Again it is your freedom to know or to ignore about me.  I am just posting what I like here.  Therefore, the site must remain underground and I like it that way.          

What's new?

Usually people like to say that nothing is appeared to be new in cognito but that is not true.  I think something new is always happening here.  Sometimes new things come out of old things such as your hair...well, too bad if you don't.  For better example, a seed of flower.  A flower need to be died in order to produce its seeds.  If we quiet down and look for a new thing we would always find something new in the ordinary.  But the generation-X like you and me always looking for new things that are recognizatble cognitively.  Especially so if it's about your interests,hobbies, and things you really care.  This is the reason I createdt his website so you would be updated at least things that I like to be updated.  The categories on the navication bar will take you to the link pages where you will find the home page of lots of interesting topics.  In addition, there will be my nasty comments on some of those links for your infomation.  After all, Mista-T's Underground Website is currently the collections of web links.  I want to put picture gallery on the site but that will be only available on the day I can afford a digital camera or a scanner.      

12/06/02 - Added "Welcome" logo & introduction of Mista-T's undertaker.
12/03/02 - Added "Mista-T" logo to all pages.
11/30/02 - Fixed all dead links to work

Who is Mista-T's undertaker?
Mista-T has a right-arm man who creates unique logos and illustrations of his site.  This man never comes out in the public but stays underground just like Mista-T himself.  He is a real talented graphic designer whose portential is more than Mista-T has ever imagined.  Mista-T's undertaker currently constructing his web page and will be published on the web in your lifetime.  Mista-T used to push him to produce more designs but decided to leave him alone these days.  Who is this man?  Well, he wants to keep his name stay underground so that he does not boast himself.  Mista-T thinks he is cool just like himself.

Some people may find out that this site cool, and others may find it boring.  I would appreciate if you could let me hear voice about Mista-T's Underground Website.  Communication is the most sophisticated feature for human being.  Yo, you are not sending a message to an alien but just me, Mista-T. 

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