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Topic0: [30H-BN](go to JIM)
Topic1: [10H-SiC][10H-BN][6H-AlN][5H-BN][h-BN](go to JPSJ)
[6H-AlN](go to IOP) [48H-BN(20H-SiC)(30H-AlN)](https page, go to JST)
Topic2: [Study] of BN (Boron Nitride) compounds (go to NIMS)
Topic3: [Study] of LiBC(+ C6B2) (go to Bandstructure.jp)
Topic4: [Study] of B-, C- and BC-compounds (+ C6B2 (go to Bandstructure.jp)
Topic5: [SANZEN](Software library(routines, data, etc.) (go to NIMS)
Topic6: IWSDRM2005 [presentation](Many png files) (go to NIMS)

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