free/sharewares for Windows 95/98/NT4.0

Polar 2001 (for polar adustment): shareware JP4,000 yen
released by Tsukasa Enomoto (

Once you input geographical (longitude, latitude, altitude), temperature and  atmospheric pressure value, Polar 2001 indicates an appropriate Polaris position on the polar finder scale by white spot real timely. Open yellow circle shows its position without scintillation adjustment. Of course it's also available for South polar adustment. Supported German equatorials are TAKAHASHI (NJP, P2Z, EM200, EM2S, 90S), KENKO-Sky Memo, Vixen (Atlux, GP, SP) and PENTAX(MS55i, MS5, MS4, MS3N). -my ANEROID BAROMETER-

Polar 2001 also adjusts the axial deviation of the polar telescope, if you rotate polar axis 180 degree and plot the deviated object position.

Observatory Explorer (for locational infomation, linked to Poler 2001) : shareware JP3,500 yen
released by Tsukasa Enomoto (

By this terrific program released as CD, you can get your geographic locational data (longitude, latitude, altitude) with an accuracy of 2 km by just pointing map wherever you were on the earth. Observatory Explorer is linked to Polar 2001,  and could be linked to other programs which need locational infomation. No need GPS any more!