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This page shows my outputs in JETRO NY.
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Diary on Sep.26,2002

The White House announced that President Bush will nominate Mark McClellan as the next FDA Commissioner. (Sep.25 released)
McClellan is a member of Bush's Council of Economic Advisers. Active on the administration's policies on prescription drug coverage, Medicare reform etc.
He is still young at 39, and has advanced degrees in medicine and economics, has worked as a physician, and has written extensively on healthcare economics. And more, his brother is the White House's spokesperson, Mr. Scott McClellan.
FDA's role is very important in the US and especially when biotech industry are suffering from severe recession and many unfortunate events, FDA's activity might be a key to revive the industry.
The nomination requires Senate confirmation.


Monthly Report August,2002 (Japanese Version) by Sayuri Womack, translated/reviewed by J Nakagawa

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US Biotechnology Industry (Aug 22, 2002) by J.Nakagawa

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Vulnerable to Bioterrorism (NY times 9/9/02) translated by J.Nakagawa

TECH council of Maryland
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