Issue Over Unsubsription from ISSHO

The other side of ISSHO

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I created these pages to describe the case where I was unsubscribed from ISSHO mailing list and to discuss it from a larger context. I do recognize the benefits ISSHO mailing list and other media would bring about, especially to the foreign community in Japan. But very little is known about the other side of such media. They are promoting special interests of a group by seemingly appealing to the universal rules and principles which other groups are not adhering to. But in advancing their own interests, they do not follow the same rules and principles which they use as the base of their claims against other groups.Once they find themselves in a stronger position, they put into practices what they have been criticizing all along the way.

I believe the issue of unsubscription offers one such instance and I would hope that the pages on this site show you why. I think the ramification of the issue is significant. Recently, we in Japan tend to subscribe easily to what is thought to be global standards. It is true that they has the elements of being truly objective, not descriminating anyone in any cases. But that does not seem to be the whole story.It also has the political side to promote special interests with the facade of universality.

My goal is to focus on this facade or an element of it by describing the case I was directly a part to.

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