AIGA: Aichi Interpreter Guide Association  



Tour Guides and Interpreters in Central Japan

About AIGA


AIGA: Aichi Interpreter Guide Association is a group established by licensed professional tour guides who belong to the Nagoya Branch of JGA* (Japan Guide Association). Each of us has very colorful professional experiences such as overseas tour conductor, interpreter, and translator. Based in central Japan, we provide tour guide and interpretation/translation services in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Italian and French.  

All the members of AIGA have passed the "Guide Examination", one of the most prestigious certifying examination on foreign languages conducted annually by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

As a supporting member of Nagoya Convention and Visitors Bureau (NCVB), we are in charge of guide and interpreting in excursions and technical tours arranged for international congresses and conventions held in Nagoya. 

( JGA: "By promoting communication and cooperation among the members, and improving the quality and the social position of the guides, we serve for the development of international tourism and goodwill.")


Our Service


Tour Guide Deep knowledge and hospitality

              only the professionals can offer.

Sightseeing tailored to your request in and around Nagoya, Aichi, heart of Japan,    from only several hours to many days as you like.

Highlights in Nagoya, which has been grwon out of samurai culture, deep-rooted    in Aichi.

Lots of experiences and enjoyment in central Japan (Chubu in Japanese) with a    deeper look into its history and tradition from the professional's eyes. 

Interpreting - Proven services based on                experiences with local characters.

Professional support at various events for both the public and private.

Wide-ranging service; courtesy visit, attendance of VIP, corporate training    and education, business meeting, conference, study mission, inspection tour,    seminar, etc.

Command of technical languages in the local industries such as automobile,    machine tool and airplane.  

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