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  * We hide the name of the interpreter in view of fairness toward all of our member interpreters,

just because we don't always record our customer's feedback.


I had travelled to Japan in Late October into November for a business trip.  I just wanted to compliment you and your company in regards to your employee - XX san.  She worked very hard with me on my trip which would not have been a success without her.  

Not only was she great at her job, but also very personable.  Truly a great asset to you, and your company.  

Again, Thank you!  If you would please extend my thanks to XX - san as well.  

Sincerely-                                                                        (Engineer, U.S.)   

I was amazed that my translator had so deep knowledge of technical matters.  I have been to Japan 18 times to have meetings with my Japanese colleagues and I used a translator every time.  She was by far the best of all.   Thanks a lot!                   ( Technical manager, U.S.)


Thank you for your warm hospitality during our trip to Japan. My team was very HAPPY working with you.

The trip has been wonderful, accompanied by you. I have learned many from you.

Thank you once again.

By the way, I do apologize for the inconveniences which may occur during our trip. It has been quite tough with the long days. However, it is indeed a memorable trip. I do hope to see you soon.                                                                              (TV program director, Thailand)