¡úI am sorry in broken English.
This is the homepage of the goldfish.The place for goldfish lovers.A possession person is IRISU that it lives in Japan.(Of course it is a Japanese.)However, see it by all means because every person doesn't care if a goldfish likes it.

¡úThe introduction of my goldfish¡ú

¢­This goldfish is RYUKIN of the name of my important SIRATAMA.¢­
Is a face white and cute?This is called RYUKIN in Japan.

All the contents are Japanese.
Feed-collecting game¡ù The page of the ancient fish "POLYPTELUS"¡ù Other photographs¡ù

The photograph of SIRATAMA Goldfish, variously During the preparation,
The diary of the goldfish How to keep it Freely Link Your opinion

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