Life is like a song

I enjoy listen to music!! and I think most of song are like a life. For example, singer Mr.Childre's "LOVE"They sing about egoistic song & the song expressing his psychologiccl condition. Because hero has both personality in song. He like other girl. But not intend boyfriend. He is a mere privileged existence for girl.

Season song

Song is expressing in word. This season "winter" I favorite song is Singer DREAMS COME TRUE "WINTER SONG" This song is all english.Content is after all "LOVE". I feeling Winter are sad. Because of early come night town is very bad mood and my all cold...

By the way other season song. season is summer!! Summer is very like season!! I mood HI tension. Open heart. And long summer vacation ... In the sea. Music sunny song. I favorite song is Singer RIPSLYME "RAKUEN BABY" This song is RAP. At the speech play very funny! Male folly expressing(><)$B!6(J

Inthing is this home page title is from Singer YAIDA HITOMI "Life`s Like a Love song"