This product is the only one-piece seamless rotationally molded "HDPE" plastics dump truck body on the market today. The cross linked plastic is one-inch thick and is solid black, so it never needs painting, will not rust, and is resistant to almost all corrosion. The plastic insert slides into a steel flame and attaches with only five bolts from the rear of the dump body for ease of service. The steel sub-frame is painted to match the chassis and is installed in the same way the current steel bodies have been installed. Easy insert removal allows for quick access to the frame should repairs to the frame be required. The plastic is impervious to hot or cold weather, and the front of the body is free floating to allow for expansion and contraction as the weather permits. Since the plastic is slippery, most material slides out easily, and it requires a lower dump angle for unloading. Which increases the cycle time for unloading. It is also safer because the bed is not required to be lifted as high as other types of dump bodies. Since the plastic is lighter than other higher quality steel bodies, productivity is increased, which relates to larger payloads and a better income for the customer. This plastic will not dent so it stays looking good even after hauling large boulders or demolition type materials. The rubber sealed tailgate option is also used in sludge and semi-liquid and prevents material from leaking out and causing a potential hazard. Wet batch concrete can also be hauled, and clean out is as easy as using a garden hose. Overnight residue materials can be easily removed by using a mallet as the dried material does not attach to the plastic permanently and falls off the surface. This product needs no special lining for hauling large material and can be used in many different hauling applications without any special adaptation during the course of a day. IT is also being used in salt-sand operations on snowplow trucks in a number of areas in the country. The military has been testing a unit in Texas. The concept for this product originated with Reiter Industries in Dickinson, North Dakota in 1996. Prototypes were produced and tested in 1977&1988 with production starting in early 1999.Testing is ongoing, with some units being fitted with a steel floor plate depending on the customer's application. Heavy demolition units will use up to a half-inch T1 steel plate to prevent frame damage from heavy impacts that are deflected by the plastic but absorbed by the frame members. The company is currently completing a mold for the production of a lower side 10ft.category dump body with all the features of the larger units currently being produced. This product will fit well into the municipal markets and the larger cities of the Eastern United States. Insert levels for this smaller product are high in the areas where salt and damp conditions cause a major rust problem. Landscapers have also shown a lot interest in the smaller unit. Chassis sales in this market segment comprise a major portion of the market. Production will begin in the fall of 2000 Offering the versatility to handle a variety of different materials, Reiter Industries' all plastic dump-body products are one-piece, seamless, rotationally molded replacement for the traditional steel or aluminum main structural components, walls, floor, and tailgate. Reiter Industries has teamed up with Poly Processing Company to revolutionize the dump truck industry with the introduction of the world's first all plastic dump bodies. Both the manufacture and the end-users of the plastic dump bodies are convinced that it will not only outperform traditional steel dump bodies, but will eliminate many of the problems associated with using steel dump bodies. Extremely tough and durable, unlike most steel bodies, the molded plastic product will not dent when hauling materials such as rip rap, broken concrete, broken asphalt, rocks, boulders, flint rock, sticky clay, and tree stumps. The molded product needs no protective coverings such as wood or steel to perform in these abusive scenarios, which saves the end-user both time and money. This product recently won the prestigious Top 100 products Award from Construction Equipment Magazine. The Construction Equipment Magazine award highlights those manufacturers who are investing in research and development to bring safety, productivity, and efficiencies to the forefront. The Reiter dump body was selected for the coveted award out of well over 1000 products. Reiter Industries has been teamed up with Poly Processing Company for two years and has delivered over 200 units. The cross-linked plastic surface prevents payload from sticking, and dump angles are reduced an average of forty percent. This means that trucks unload faster, there is less overhead clearance required to unload the truck, and dumping on a sloped surface is safer. The dump bodies are tested to withstand 500 foot-pounds of impact at-40F. The dump bodies are currently available in four models: 10 foot/ 6.5 cubic yard, 14 foot/ 11 cubic yard, 15 foot/ 12 cubic yard, and, and 16 foot/ 13.1 cubic yard. Reiter, along with Poly processing, is working on a larger version of the dump box as well as a modified 10'body that will primarily be used for landscape services.