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It is the site where introduces that Western music album and like.

ATHENA@[A new religion?]
It is the band of Italy.
Through the means that a new singer joined, even though a singer was not good in a made before it became very good.

It is American hard lock.
There is a little sad note although it is an American and be favorite feeling.
To the drive in fall perfectly or even it does not become known.

It is the latest album of SENTENCED that was a DEATH METAL band of Finland.
Before vocal change from "DOWN" of a made and disappeared with DEATH METAL.
Seems to have there been a shock fairly in the fan that extols name disk "AMOK" by this.
I individual remains to DEATH voice and a merciful feeling did because there be not immunity.
Before even a melody be refined more a made and be cheap listening to.
It is cold as a title and a violent beauty melody, listens to at times and become such good crowded.
Melodies of cries of # 12 "MOURN" is the greatest masterpiece.

HAMMER FALL@[Legacy Of Kings]
It is a long-awaited second base album of a HAMMER FALL that everyone knows if it is a metal fan.
It is good more steadily than a made the front with orthodox heavy metal rock.
It is although it pierces that taste appears after all when be crowded and the 1st impression listens to, although do not reach to a made the front.
It has sung together involuntarily in "stone cold" be recorded to Japanese disk, a bonus truck.

I am sorry about that with the sentence of the left of stage English.
Until it is final I take the trouble of reading and thank you.

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