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このページは国際交流を目的にしております(笑) とにかくクラブ系又はマッタリ系R&B好きの為のページです。 私の好みに共感してくれる方、イイ音楽あったら教えて下さい。 Recently, R&B singers, Chemistry, Yuki Koyanagi, Misia, are active in music scene. I do not think they sing the real R&B. I have sung the R&B since 15 year-olds. Nowadays, I am active in clubs where famous rappers also sings, and I have confidence to sing the real R&B better than the R&B singers who are active in Japanese music scene. Therefore, I want to provide people the real R&B as a professional club singer. The R&B is the category of music what was born in the discrimination against African-Americans and prejudice from the society. Then, it has the souls of African-Americans. However, R&B is recently granted by the many kinds of nationalities. Japanese are one of those nationalities. In Japan, because of the influence of Chemistry, Yuki Koyanagi, Misia, Ken Hirai, or those kinds of the R&B singers, many Japanese are interested in R&B for several years. But the R&B in Japan is so far from the real R&B. They have the rhythm of R&B, but they do not have the "soul". I felt dissatisfaction against the R&B that is the well-established in Japan, when I was 15 years old. At first, I rent a live-house to sing the songs. In time, my supporters had increased rapidly, and finally I had been called in the big events as a guest artist, where is the famous club. Last year, I visited in America as a tourist and listened the real R&B. That was the first time of America. The minor songs playing on the radio of America taught me what is the real R&B. More over, I went there in this January. It was great!! When I was in the house where I stayed, I always watched "MTV"!!!!!!

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JUNE 6th ,1981 
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1日中音楽に埋もれ、まったりすることとゴルフなーのだ あと歌の歌詞を考える事!
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好きなもの:ケチャップ  嫌いなもの:マヨマヨ 

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