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Holidays -- Google style!

We have a variety of holiday logos, as well as logos contributed by faithful users. We've put them in this online museum for your amusement. Please do not use them elsewhere. And please, don't feed the kangaroo.

If you would like to include a link to Google on your site, please use one of our official logo stickers.

On April 22, Google celebrated Earth Day.

 Earth Day - April 22, 2001

Did you find the "hidden" Easter eggs on the results page?

 Happy Easter - April 15, 2001

On March 17th, Google green was the appropriate attire.

St. Patrick's Day - March 17, 2001

March 9th was the start of the Indian festival of color - Holi.

Holi - March 9    

On February 14, hearts decorated our homepage with this logo and the return of Ken Perlin's applet:

Happy Valentine's Day - Feb. 14, 2001    

The "Year of the Snake" began on January 24th (Lunar New Year):

Lunar New Year - Jan. 24, 2001

Note: It is Chinese tradition to invert the "luck" character on New Years to signify the arrival of good fortune.

Google rang in 2001 with:

Happy New Year - Jan. 1, 2001

Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings - December 22-26, 2000

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving - Nov. 23, 2000

On November 15th, Shichi-go-san is celebrated in Japan.

Japanese Children's Holiday - Nov. 15, 2000

Google encouraged citizens to exercise their right to vote on November 7th.

Vote - Nov. 7, 2000

Google's guest illustrator for Halloween 2000 was Lorie Loeb.

Halloween - Oct. 31, 2000

Google Doodle III celebrated the spirit of the Summer Games in Sydney.

Summer Games 2000 in Sydney

Viva la France! Google celebrated Bastille Day.

Bastille Day - July 14, 2000

Google Doodle II was displayed over the July Fourth holiday.

Happy Independence Day!

For Father's Day, we posted:

Father's Day - June 18, 2000

A tribute to our Moms on May 14th:

Mother's Day - May 14, 2000

Google Doodle unfolded over the first week of May.

Google Doodle

On Easter weekend, Google displayed this logo with an applet created by Ken Perlin.

Easter - April 23, 2000

For April Fool's Day, Google "launched" MentalPlex technology:

MentalPlex - April 1, 2000 Instructions:
  • Remove hat and glasses.
  • Peer into MentalPlex circle. DO NOT MOVE YOUR HEAD.
  • Project mental image of what you want to find.
  • Click or visualize clicking within the MentalPlex circle.
See our FAQ and illustrations for correct usage.

On March 17th, we dressed up in Google green:

St. Patrick's Day - March 17, 2000

On February 14th, Google showed its affection with this logo and an applet created by Ken Perlin.

Valentine's Day - feb. 14, 2000

On February 2nd, the Google groundhog appeared:

Groundhog's Day - Feb. 2, 2000

Our countdown to the new year produced this logo:

Happy New Year - Jan. 1, 2000

For the holiday season, we used this logo:

Holiday Season - Dec. 1999

For Thanksgiving, our turkey bravely appeared again.

Thanksgiving - Nov. 1999

For Halloween we used this logo:

Halloween - Oct. 31, 1999

We used to have a different logo for "Uncle Sam" search:

While we were in beta we used this logo:

We customized our old logo for the Burning Man festival and the holidays...

Burning Man 1998

Thanksgiving 1998