The OarFish display room, 1
The photography day
Around 11 o'clock, July 26th, 1990
The weather
The fairness
The wave
It is not.
The 33ft degree of the clairvoyance
26 degree of seawater warms
The photography place
The set of doing Hyogo prefecture Mikata state district Hamasaka city having, the popular name Anami seashore
The water depth
The photography machinery and materials
The housing for the film with the lens
+ The film with the fuji lens ( The No flash )
The photography person

The photography person
The comment of M, Kajinami
The member was to do being of four in amount of me and three visitor .
It is three that had a camera in the meantime.
I had the video camera the camera as it falls to the photograph of OarFish in now of the next page, passed through it it and did them.
 It ended and discovered this fish now immediately ahead of exit and the photograph took usual fan dive while making surround by all the members.
When seeing first, I was moved as follows " That it is necessary to have resembled oarfish well, too, ".
OarFish is a deep sea fish,There is not possibility to be in the place with 6ft - 12ft water depth.
[It will surely be the approximate species of OalFish or something.]It thought so and it continued photography.
I, too, saw for the first time.

There was few ones which a fish illustration book is introduced to with the photograph up to this and introduced to them with the shine picture
The mood as it got to be fair near the real thing does oarfish of the fish illustration book which is published after we take a photograph.
Here, it isn't possible to introduce but it the photograph is taking a video picture, too, for about 5 minutes. This scene is often to the television in Japan at present.Have you seen?
It is extremely glad to be broadcast with the television.
 There is a place to mistake by the explanation of the fish scholars in the program.
The mistake is the opinion that this fish swims in the standing.
In the immediateness of me, the taking, too, isn't showing standing swimming.
The part to seem the business of the standing swimming in movie is the place to be struggling by the mixture, being in the pain because the photography person grasped a tail.
It the photograph was taking the place to be swimming levelly and it had fallen diagonally with the screen because I was tired and the camera had leaned.
It seems that it is mistaken when the fish scholar who saw the picture is swimming in the standing.
It is decided and it isn't swimming in the standing.
It is the fish which swims quietly to slip levelly.
It is level!
The fisherman of the being set caught OarFish with the network.Of about 1 week than the day to have taken OarFish the photograph before
It is kept in the place of the Suzuki teacher to have taken a religion lash in the kasumi marine high school.
As for OarFish which I took the photograph, it hung over the emplacement network and ran away probably.Or, it thinks to have been thrown away to the sea by the fisherman.
Therefore, there was a place a dorsal fin is broken and to divest of the scale.It was weakening in its purpose or the becoming.
It thinks that OarFish which we took the photograph is the one of pair.of OarFish which was captured with the emplacement network probably
Also, OarFish hung over the network of Kamaya in the neighborhood of Igumi last year.
To have been swimming the immediateness of the Kobayasi who were doing dive fishery later by the 3 weeks in Igumi is witnessed.
This some place ( Igumi Hyogo prefecture Mikata district Hamasaka city Japan ) seems to be related to OarFish mainly.
It attempted to talk about the situation in those days and so on based on the experience of above me.

The television OnAir results
The Japanese broadcasting society
It recorded local NEWS, the picture of 91 impacts!
Time 3 ( Twice )
The Japanese television
Look Look hello
The forest of the news
It is broadcasting M.B.S.OsakaJapan ( Only Kansai ).
( British state-operated broadcasting )
Discoverychanel (BigTooth)
Saturday special stories
The deep sea big adventure

Pioneer LCD " The deep sea creature "

Aquariyum display
The Hyogo prefecture
The Kobe city Suma beach aquaryuum
The Hyogo prefecture
The Hamasaka city Marin Porti aquaryuum       
Fukuoka prefecture
The via media on the Marin World  sea       
The Ooita prefecture .
The Niigata prefecture
Jyouetu water family house above

The fish illustration book
The Asahi newspaper company
The weekry morning sun 1 department
Fish 5
The Toukai university publication meeting
The fish ecology big illustration book which in Japan ( It carries the work of Mr.Imai ).  
The attention
It translated these sentences with " translation adapter UCROSUSROAD ".
Therefore, it may be expressed in wrong English.

       to M.Kajinami