H. The work of IMAI
The photography day
Around 11 o'clock, July 26th, 1990
The weather
The fairness
The wave
It is not.
The 10 m degree of the clairvoyance
26 degrees of seawater warms
The photography place
The set of doing Hyogo prefecture beautiful state district beach slope city having, the popular name hole seeing seashore
The water depth
The photography machinery and materials
nikon nikonosX+SB-103
The film
fujikurorm 400?
The photography person
This photograph is used for the " the fish ecology big illustration book in Japan " benefit mr.Hajime Masuda, Yasumasa Kobayasi, the joint work of the eastern sea big publication meeting, too.
( Display, publication one, besides, not being in the permission of authors H, Imai, to use is strict prohibition ).