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. Information
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The meaning of "Legacy" is an old thing which is used for years and cannot be thrown away completely.
It is synonymous with "an inheritance".

Blitzkrieg-portal closed on December 03, 2008. After that, bkpforums.com disappeared completely on October, 2013. When the site was closed, Lee Campbell aka [BKP] who was both site administrators announced the list of the main contents.
This "LEGACY of Blitzkrieg" is a collection of files for Blitzkrieg that existed in portal based on his list.
And many files that opened so that someone may share are collected, too.

This site does not assert the copyright of the files of "LEGACY", because the source of LEGACY is Blitzkrieg-portal (bkpforums.com).
However this site have the right of all contents of "LEGACY" because we are creating and managing those contents.
So, we forbid uploading to other sites, in order to distribute the contents which you downloaded to third party. Of course, it is free to download contents for pleasure of your own. If someone does not follow this rule, LEGACY of Blitzkrieg will be closed.

The big files are divided into plural small files by the size limitation per files of the storage space.
The procedure for restoring an original file is as follows :
Download all files, and place those in one folder. Then, uncompress one in them. ( the tail end of file must be 1.rar )

Though I was keeping up this site until now, I understood that it was an effort not to be rewarded.
I stop an effort to share the legacy with general public   because I have already succeeded to the legacy of Blitzkrieg-portal.   Today's maintenance is my last effort.

Legacy of Blitzkrieg won't be maintained from now on and it isn't guaranteed.   for Japanese

. Index of LEGACY of Blitzkrieg
If you found the dead download link, please tell web master by the contact form. for Japanese
Tools Dual Core Patch, Blitzkrieg Power Tools, Blitzkrieg Script Builder, Blitzkrieg Start Tools   and more.
Game play Mods
Cross of Iron 1.44, Dunkelrot Range Mod, EXBK Mod v2.0, Olmsteds Campaign MOD, The Day After Units and Maps Mod, Vehicle Wreck Times   and more.
Major Mods
Balkanfeldzug Mod, Close Combat Mod, CS Brigade 1.2&1.3, CSLA 1.1, East Africa Mod R5&R6, Heimatfront Mod, Operation Hagelsturm, Panzerwaffen, Road to Victory, ROK 1950 Roll-up, Solvang's Random Map Mod   and more.
Chapter and Campaign
Achtung Panzer!, Iron_Cross10Beta, Korsun Pocket, Medal for Budapest City, Motherland Calls, Operation Hagelsturm, Operation Typhoon - Barbarossa, Red Star (Anthology), The Great Patriotic War   and more.
Unit packs Because there is it more than 100, I cannot introduce them here. This is based on [BKP]'s list.
Texture packs
Because there are approximately 100, I cannot introduce them here. This is based on [BKP]'s list.
Tutorials The tutorial posted in the bkp-forum is here though [BKP] did not make the list of the tutorials.
Maps Single player maps. Index of maps are here.
BK-NoMod -------- Game: Blitzkrieg + Mod required: None
BK-HF/TC -------- Game: Blitzkrieg + Mod required: Heimatfront / Total Challenge 1 -- 4
BK-OtherMod ----- Game: Blitzkrieg + Mod other than above required.
RT/BH ------------ Game: Rolling Thunder / Burning Horizon
BK2 --------------- Game: Blitzkrieg II
Other ------------- Game/Mod other than above required. For example, Stalingrad, The Day After and so on.
Miscellaneous The files not included in the BKP's list are here.
The files that managed by Blitzkrieg Map Shop.
Ambient Effects (No Fonts), Mission Kursk Demo, European Buildings Winter Patch, North Afrika Mod, etc.
Miscellaneous part-2
These are not managed by Blitzkrieg Map Shop.
Mod, Chapter, Campaign, Single player Map
IronFrostWesternFront_Mod, La Plata Service Pack Gold, (It's included for BK, BH, and anthology.)
Silent Pacific Storm Mod, TotalChallenge 1 -- 5....     and much more.
Sound Mod, effect ambient_summer-autumn_effect, von_osten_real_engine_sounds   and more.
Objects, Skins, Units Eisenhans...Skins, mouse aviation skins, solvang...skins.pak   and more.
Tools, Tutorials Basic Lua Lessons, Blitzkrieg Lua Scripting Guide, Buildings Modding Tutorial   and more.
Patch BH_patch_1_4, Blitzkrieg Mulitplayer patch-3, Mission_Kursk_Patch_1.4 ...     and much more.
Blitzkrieg English Demo, Blitzkrieg II Demonstration, Blitzkrieg: Rolling Thunder German Demo and so on.

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